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Doctoral education during the Covid-19 pandemic, 2 April 2020


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To all doctoral students at KI

The Covid-19 pandemic presents us with new challenges both as a medical university and as individual citizens. Communication becomes a vital means of correctly informing of developments and of implemented measures, and it might be reassuring to know of how we are acting within doctoral education.



It is inevitable that people at KI and in society as a whole worry about the current situation. It is important that we have confidence in the instructions and recommendations from the responsible authorities.

KI’s research continues with regard to the university recommendations. If you together with your supervisors have decided to work from home, this is a prime opportunity to update your ELN, to analyze data, write manuscripts or applications for ethical permits, or indeed to write on you thesis (irrespective of when you started your PhD, everyone has the possibility to work with their literature review).

The Doctoral Student Association (DSA) has raised the concern that more information is needed for KI's international doctoral students. An information webinar targeted to international doctoral students, postdocs and researchers will be held on Tuesday at 11:00 a.m. for this purpose. More information and registration to the zoom webinar on April 7th at 11:00 a.m.

Staff and students within KI find important information and recommendations updates throughout the ongoing pandemic on the new hub for KI’s education and research related to the coronavirus.

Updated information about doctoral education, for example regarding courses and public defences, in times of Covid-19 has also been collected at KI's website. If you still have questions, address those to your departmental director of doctoral studies. You are also welcome to contact me directly if you wish.

The postponement of doctoral courses, attendance of international conferences, international exchange visits, ability to conduct face-to-face halftime reviews and thesis defences are all issues we will have to deal with, as well as loss of doctoral education time for our clinical doctoral students who have been called into clinical duties. Extraordinary challenges require flexibility and forward planning, and with this message I want to assure you that we are planning new and have already implemented measures to address these challenges.

Kind regards,
Bob Harris, Academic vice president for doctoral education




You will find important information about doctoral education at KI on the staff website.
Please make a habit of visiting the doctoral education web pages regularly.

This newsletter is primarily addressed to doctoral students. The purpose is to inform about news and practical details regarding doctoral education at KI.

Doctoral Student News is published by the Faculty Office at Karolinska Institutet about every fifth week during the semesters.

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