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MBB Newsletter 2:2022


A word from the Chairman

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Dear colleagues,

I’m proud and inspired by all the great work coming out of our department – scroll down for some recent highlights!



Department information

Employee survey – deadline extended to 17 April

We encourage everyone to take this
opportunity to give feedback about your working environment. Check your spam folder/Other folder if you have missed the e-mail.

The survey takes only approximately 15 minutes to answer and is completely anonymous!

The division with the highest response rate in the end will receive a prize.

Change of data storage

The IT Office is making a change of data storage solution at the departments. This means that the G: Group folders will be phased out and replaced with P: Project folder.

Clean and delete old data on G: to avoid old or unnecessary data getting involved in the file copy to P:. This must be completed by 19th of April the latest.

For details on how your group is handling the cleanup, please contact your division manager or PI.

Read more about the project: "Enhancing data storage at KI"


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Report sick leave in PA-web

From 1 May you shall register both your absence and return in the PA web.

Until 30 April you report your sick leave as before, with an email to on the same day as your abscence start. As well as informing your group.


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New website on the Staff Portal collects information about Research support.

Research support and services are provided by different divisions, units and by each KI department. The mission is to provide researchers with the foundation for growth and success of your research, from the first idea to the publishing and impact of your results.

The project to streamline the support has so far been done in the Research funding and Research data managment.

Read more: "Research Support & Services"

Course on the KI brand

Do you want a quick overview of Karolinska Institutet's brand? Get to know more about the use of name, logo, fonts and colours? Then these short lessons in branding are the training for you.

Take the course: "Course on the KI brand for all employees"


Recent publications, prizes and grants

Hugo Theorell Prize in biophysics to Katja Petzold

Katja Petzold has been awarded the Hugo Theorell Prize in biophysics 2022. The focus in her lab is to study structural changes in RNA – e.g. the RNA in the ribosome – and to develop methods for this purpose.

Read the full article “Hugo Theorell Prize in biophysics to Katja Petzold"

Decoding epigenomic information from individual cells from the mouse brain.ntific illustration.

Katja Petzold. Photo: Gunnar Ask

Mara Mennuni awarded grant from the Alex and Eva Wallström foundation

Mara Mennuni has been awarded a grant from the Alex and Eva Wallström foundation.

Read the full article “Mara Mennuni awarded grant from the Alex and Eva Wallström foundation"


Mara Mennuni. Photo: Private

Adjusting the balance of X-chromosome dosage

A new study by researchers at Karolinska Institutet identify major sex differences in the timing of X chromosome upregulation, a finding that is vital for understanding central gene-regulatory processes in early fetal development. The results are published in Nature Communications.

Read the full article "Adjusting the balance of X-chromosome dosage"

Decoding epigenomic information from individual cells from the mouse brain.ntific illustration.

Photo: Lovis Lentini

How antibodies navigate pathogen surfaces like a child at play

A new study shows how antibodies select the antigens that they bind to, as they navigate the surface of pathogens like coronaviruses. Researchers from KTH Royal Institute of Technology and Karolinska Institutet have created a model that suggests the migration of these pathogen hunters may be akin to the random movements of a child playing on stream laden with stepping stones.

Read the full article "How antibodies navigate pathogen surfaces like a child at play"


Antibodies aim to establish a foothold on two separate antigens, in much the same way a child might try navigating stepping stones in a stream. Credit: Ian Hoffecker

Study identifies new protection mechanism in breast cancer

Researchers at Karolinska Institutet have identified a protein that protects against breast tumour growth and that can be linked to a better prognosis in breast cancer patients. The results, which are published in the journal Nature Communications, may contribute to the development of new therapies for difficult-to-treat forms of breast cancer.

Read the full article "Study identifies new protection mechanism in breast cancer"


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KI researcher Ulrika Marklund awarded the ERC Consolidator grant

Ulrika Marklund has been awarded the European Research Council’s Consolidator grant 2022 for research about how different neurons within the enteric nervous system (ENS) obtain their identities.

Read the full article "KI researcher Ulrika Marklund awarded the ERC Consolidator grant"


Ulrika Marklund. Photo: Johannes Frandsén


Get to know your new colleagues

Ewelina Dratkiewicz has joined the group of Jiri Bartek as a postdoctoral researcher. She obtained a PhD in biological sciences at the Department of Cell Pathology, Faculty of Biotechnology, University of Wroclaw (Poland) where she studied the invasive abilities of melanoma cells and the role of the tumor microenvironment in the effectiveness of targeted anticancer therapies.

In Bartek’s group, she will endeavor to find novel components or mechanisms of genome integrity maintenance that are important for cancer development.

Outside the lab, she enjoys reading sci-fi/fantasy books, watching stars and rocket launches.

Head shot.

Namrata Singh has joined the Stevens group as a Postdoctoral Fellow. She obtained a PhD in Nanoscience and Engineering from Indian Institute of Science, India. She has worked as a postdoctoral researcher in Imperial College London (UK) where she investigated nanomaterial-based biosensors for disease diagnosis.

In Stevens group she is focusing on developing multimodal nanoparticles for early diagnosis and therapy of cardiovascular diseases.

Outside the lab she enjoys reading and hiking.


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