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Replacing 500 trucks per week

The rail operator TX Logistik has now begun its seven weekly round trips from Trelleborg to Eskilstuna. This means there are 500 fewer trucks on the roads per week.

TX Logistik is going off-road. They are moving traffic from the roads to the rail network.

There is major interest in rail transport, according to Patrik Åström at TX Logistik, which runs round trips from Trelleborg, via Malmö, to Eskilstuna.
“We have been running seven trains per week for a few weeks now, with great results,” he says.

TX Logistik began several years ago, running three trips to Eskilstuna, then quickly increasing to five. Since spring 2018, the company has added both a sixth and a seventh train per week.

It is becoming increasingly important for more companies to consider the environment and climate. The customers expect it.
“There is more use of the rail network, which is a positive thing, but it could also be much better,” says Patrik Åström.

With the seventh train, the company has created greater capacity and is able to meet the customer desire to see more units transported by rail.
“Eskilstuna has a great location, where you can reach key hubs and avoid the worst of the traffic,” says Patrik Åström.


Besides the geographic location, he believes he can see increased interest for establishment in Eskilstuna, which in turn will attract carriers and their customers to drive their traffic here.
“As a rail operator, it is always a challenge with timetabling and ensuring good lead times so that our customers can rely on us. This is very important in order for intermodal transportation to be achieved.

Now we’ve sorted out the seventh train, but we have huge ambitions for growth, and are working hard to move traffic from the roads to the rail network.”



Hello Johan Orest, manager of DHL’s new site in Eskilstuna

Johan Orest is manager for Area North at DHL Supply Chain. This means he is
responsible for eight sites in mid Sweden and Norway.

How’s it going with the start up of DHL Supply Chain in Eskilstuna?
“Great. We're up and running with our first customer where we’re managing their Nordic distribution centre. We have employed around 20 people who we’re training up. They're incredibly involved and eager to get things right from the start.”

And what happens after that?
“In October we’re aiming to have implemented all of that first customer’s four markets, and we’ve implemented one already. Then the plan is, of course, to acquire new customers and for the company to grow. We have a decent amount of space in our existing warehousing, and we’re always talking with different potential customers. We have the option of acquiring and starting to use more warehousing space that has already been built, and we are discussing with the landlord about building more.”

Where will this end?
“We want to have a large site in Eskilstuna, but we don’t yet know whether that will be 20,000, 30,000, 40,000 or even bigger. Ultimately we’ll perhaps end up with 50-60 employees and even more during a Christmas rush period. We don’t grow through speculation, but at the same time as we do customer business.”

Why do you like Eskilstuna Logistics Park?
“We chose Eskilstuna because we believe the site is a strategic geographical location. It's close to the market for our customers and it's good transport links for both road and rail. There’s also a loyal workforce here. Another advantage is that it’s built exactly for warehousing and logistics, which means that we can optimise our business and can have trucks drive here.”

What do you feel about the future of the logistics park?
“Once the park has expanded, everyone here will be able to benefit from each other, such as sharing train and truck transport. At the moment, there aren’t the auxiliary services here like restaurants, but it’ll come as the park grows. And it definitely will – it feels like there’s always things going on here.”

Of course things are going on! Right after the new year there’ll be three new restaurants opening in the area. /editor's notes.


Ultra-modern truck workshop with
its own treatment plant

At Arver’s new facilities in Eskilstuna Logistics Park, you can have your trucks serviced, repaired, washed and inspected, all in the same visit.

“Time is a huge factor in the haulage industry. This is where you can save time by getting everything done in one visit,” says Tommy Daniels, property manager at Arver.

With its own treatment plant, this means that road salt, metals or chemicals are not released into the wastewater network. The method used is to heat the water to 82 degrees under high vacuum pressure and to reuse it. This also allows the cars to be washed with hot water, reducing the need for chemicals. They also use the excess heat for heating the buildings.
“We process all rainwater in tanks and use it in our own buffer system of around 100 cubic metres. The next stage is to install solar cells to run the treatment plant,” says Tommy Daniels.

The two washing halls are run by Svensk lastbilstvätt AB, and Besikta AB runs a vehicle inspection business for all vehicles except motorbikes.
“We've achieved something here that’s fantastic for the environment and our children. It’s about clean drinking water for them. It's great, both in terms of technology and finances,” says Tommy Daniels, who wants more companies to follow their example.



Eskilstuna Logistics Park now welcomes Bellas Glass och Grill, open Monday to Thursday, 09:00 - 14:00. Enjoy a burger, baguette or simply an ice-cream


Eskilstuna Logistics at EasyFairs, Malmö, 6-7 februari 2019



Easyfairs Logistics & Distribution Stockholm 2-3 October

Retaildagen Stockholm 3 October

Expo Real, München 7-9 October

Nordic Transport Infrastructure/Nordic Rail
Elmia, Jönköping 8-10 October

Logistik & Fastigheter Elite Stadshotellet Eskilstuna 24 October

Logistik & Transport Gothenburg 5-6 November

Elmia Subcontractor Jönköping​​ 12-15 November


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