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Stuffing is the thing

The first freight train has already arrived at the intermodal terminal in Eskilstuna by five in the morning. Trailers are being unloaded on this December morning. Another fully laden train leaves at ten. At about the same time, the first lorry of the day arrives from Ljungträ in Munktorp, loaded with timber bound for China.

"Everything is orderly here," says the driver Lars Karlsson about Eskilstuna Intermodal Terminal.

He knows immediately where he should go to unload. Most things are automated and digitised, which means that time, which is an important recourse for everyone within transport and logistics, is saved.

Helena Reuterhäll is production planner and logistics manager at Ljungträ. She has chosen to send her timber by lorry to Eskilstuna Intermodal Terminal in order for it to be reloaded there onto containers, so-called stuffing.

"I book with an agent. They book containers and decide on port. In this case, Gothenburg," she says.

Ljungträ previously ran lorries directly to Gothenburg Port, but it costs more, and Helena Reuterhäll also prefers to use trains whenever possible.

"Everything has a cost, including the environment. We don't want to travel empty or transport air," she says.

It's actually not that complicated. It involves transporting freight, and unloading and loading it. Stuffing the containers is the big part, and together with m4, which operates the combi terminal, Ljungträ has developed a flexible working method for everybody.

"Two trips with a lorry are exactly equivalent to three containers. We want to optimise every step. And they do too. The logistics are the major advantage for us of using Eskilstuna Intermodal Terminal," Helena Reuterhäll says.


Four new restaurants will be opening in Eskilstuna Logistics Park in spring 2020.
You can read about all of them here in Progress Report. First is Casa Nostra.

Casa Nostra opening in the logistics park

Eskilstuna restaurant Casa Nostra is planning to open in Eskilstuna Logistics Park in April 2020.

The Casa Nostra family thinks that it will be an attractive location as the park grows.

It will also be quick and easy for others to access the restaurant. Casa Nostra would also like to attract customers from surrounding places such as Kjula, Jäder, Ärla and Hällberga. The Casa Nostra family feel that the location can also be favourable for people who work in adjacent industrial estates.


"There is a large catchment area here, but no choice of restaurants."

Casa Nostra offers wonderful Italian pasta and pizza supplemented with a few kebab dishes. The restaurant will be a total of 500 sqm. The floor has already been laid and the premises are being fitted out in accordance with the Casa Nostra concept.

Casa Nostra promises some form of opening offer when it is time to open up the doors in the spring. So keep a lookout!


”We feel welcome to Eskilstuna”

Jan Erik Allstrin runs the furniture company RGE, which has just moved its warehouse to Eskilstuna. "There is an understanding of small companies' problems and requirements here," he says.

Jan Erik Allstrin has even got two friends who run internet retail companies to buy land in Eskilstuna Logistics Park as well.

"We feel welcome and have been received really well in Eskilstuna," Jan Erik Allstrin says.

He describes the reception as engaged, constructive and focused on problem solving. He feels that there is an understanding of small companies' problems and requirements and that the municipality responds quickly.

"It means that I can make decisions more quickly and develop my company in the direction I want to," Jan Erik Allstrin says, and adds:

"There are beneficial conditions for growth here."

RGE has already moved to Eskilstuna and is renting premises until it has built its own warehouse in Eskilstuna logistics park. They have purchased
10,000 square meters of land there.

"It is a great area, with both large and small companies," Jan Erik Allstrin says.


He thinks that there will be up to ten employees here in Eskilstuna. However, the office will remain in Stockholm.

RGE is a wholesale furniture company selling to multiples and shops, primarily in Sweden, but also to Finland, Norway and Denmark.

They design their own furniture and also design and sell entire concepts to customers. They work with modern Scandinavian design and manufacture flat pack furniture, i.e. chairs, dining tables, coffee tables and storage furniture in hard materials such as stone, wood, metal and glass.



NYLOKAL Lokalguiden Stockholm, 29 January

Logistikläget Stockholm 6 February

D-Congress Gothenburg, 5 March

DCD Energy Smart Stockholm, 27-28 April

Logistics Trends Helsingborg, 7 May

AWS Summit Stockholm, May

Dagens Handel Retail Day Stockholm, May

Business Arena Stockholm, 16-17 September

InnoTrans Berlin, 22-25 September

Port Day Gothenburg, October

ExpoReal Munich , 5-7 October

Logistics & Real Estate Eskilstuna, 22 October

Logistics & Transport Gothenburg, 3-4 November

Marketing Day Eskilstuna

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Our logistics area is directly adjacent to rail, motorway and air links in the Stockholm-Mälardalen growth area. We have one of the country’s leading container terminals and a large logistics park. We want to offer long-term, sustainable and efficient solutions for companies and easy access to several different modes of transport. That’s how we will create more jobs in Eskilstuna.





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