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Growing GardenStore expands its warehouse
in Eskilstuna

At the beginning of 2023, the e-commerce company GardenStore will move into its new warehouse in Eskilstuna Logistics Park. Bockasjö is the company behind the construction, and will also own and manage the 29,000 square metre premises.

GardenStore has been located in Eskilstuna since the beginning of 2020, but has outgrown its current warehouse in Vilsta faster than anticipated. The company’s rapid growth generates new job opportunities annually. They are now changing focus and want to be able to accept larger volumes in the warehouse in order to reach customers quicker. They are now therefore planning a new warehouse in Eskilstuna Logistics Park.

Erik Hallgren, Logistics Manager, GardenStore

“The new warehouse is a major investment that gives us room to grow. We love it in Eskilstuna and have some great staff on the team. We’re also in a great geographic location that offers good connectivity and rapid access to a large proportion of Sweden’s population,” says Erik Hallgren, Logistics Manager for GardenStore.


Property development company Bockasjö is planning to start the warehouse build at the end of the year, and the garden centre’s tenancy is expected to begin in February 2023. Bockasjö already knows Eskilstuna Logistics Park well, as they have previously built and managed logistics premises for other company establishments.

“For us as property developers, it’s important to have a good cooperation partner. I therefore want to state that I am very grateful to Eskilstuna Logistik och Etablering who actively work to develop establishment solutions,” says Adam Ekdahl, Business Development Manager at Bockasjö.

Adam Ekdahl, Business Development Manager, Bockasjö


Frida Ukmar, CEO, MTR Mälartåg.

MTR to develop Mälardalen for the future

From mid-December, the company is taking over responsibility for Mälartåg.

MTR has been tasked with operating the Mälartåg routes, beginning on 12 December. The role also includes on-board service, operations management, route planning, rolling stock maintenance, cleaning, lost property and rail replacement traffic. From next summer, what is currently the Upptåget will also be included.

“I’m hugely grateful for the trust in being responsible for a business that is so important to so many people living and working in the Mälardal region. But I’m also taking on this assignment with great humility, as there are high expectations from passengers that the service will run smoothly and improve. I hope to be able to meet those expectations. It also feels particularly significant to me as I grew up in Eskilstuna and have also been reliant on a well-functioning train service as a commuter to Stockholm,” says Frida Ukmar, who earlier this year took up the post of CEO of MTR Mälartåg.

Together with Mälardalstrafik, MTR intends to develop Mälardalen for the future and contribute to creating attractive public transport for a sustainable society. MTR will put customer service at its core and improve it by focusing on customer reception and working with a clear overall mission for customer experience.



Sustainable logistics centre for Gymleco, one of the largest manufacturer of gym equipment in the Nordic countries’, to be built in Eskilstuna

Logistics property developer Pangir is to custom build a logistics and production centre for Gymleco, to be finished by the end of 2022.

“The geographical location and the well-developed infrastructure, with its proximity to the E20 and rail links, makes Eskilstuna Logistics Park a strategically place to establish a warehouse. We are also planning to implement more projects in Eskilstuna in the future,” says Axel Skytting, Project Manager at Pangir.

The new logistics centre in Eskilstuna Logistics Park will be 6,000 square metres. In addition to warehousing for gym equipment, there will also be offices, photo studios, showrooms and production spaces.

“It’s really good to take this step towards this establishment and to have the chance to gear up to the next level in our business and building up our brand. This means that we’re expanding our warehousing premises and will have a capacity that is around six times greater than today,” says Monica Sotkasiira, CEO of Gymleco.

Besides building the premises, Pangir will also own and manage it, estimated to be ready for occupation by the end of 2022.

“We’re pleased with the collaboration with Gymleco and that we have been trusted to develop a logistics centre together. We look forward to being part of Gymleco’s growth journey by developing this property,” says Axel Skytting.

The establishment means an opportunity to build something completely new and influence the design of the building so that it is adapted to the business and requirements for sustainability.

“Of course the establishment will mean more jobs in Eskilstuna. We have already received some applications, which is great. We will open for applications after the turn of the year. Exactly which services will be published is not yet clear, but those who are interested in working together in our team should keep an eye out,” says Monica Sotkasiira.



Green corridors between Gothenburg and Eskilstuna Intermodal Terminal

GDL Sjöcontainer takes another step towards fossil-free transport and is now launching green corridors to be operated by vehicles run on the renewable fuel HVO 100.

GDL Sjöcontainer’s green corridors already run between Gothenburg and the Intermodal terminal in Eskilstuna, Jönköping and Hallsberg with electrified trains. To continue the transition to fossil-free transport, the green corridors will also be served by trucks and terminal trucks run on the renewable diesel fuel HVO 100. The fuel reduces carbon dioxide emissions by up to 90 percent. This affects just over half of their volume to and from the port of Gothenburg, i.e. around 35,000 containers.

“We work actively to minimise the environmental impact of our services. We encourage, support and adopt environmentally friendly technology where it is financially and technically possible. Together with customers and suppliers, we work to reduce our environmental impact, and our main opportunities are by reducing our energy use and our associated emissions,” says Stefan Bergström, Sales Manager at GDL Sjöcontainer.

The transition to HVO 100 will take place on 1 November 2021
and will have the following effects:

• Reduced annual CO2 emissions, approximately 9,600 tonnes
• Reduced climate emissions, 95%
• Reduced air pollution, 75%
• Reduced energy consumption, 68%
• Increased road safety, 52%
• Savings from a socio-economic perspective, SEK 135-190 million per year, 62 -66%

(Source: Fredrik Bärthel, Swedish Transport Administration
together with GDL Sjöcontainer based on the volume for 2020.)

The transition is an important step to meet the national requirements of having reduced emissions by 70 percent by 2030 and to be completely climate neutral by 2045.

Markus Ekwall,
Department Head, GDL Sjöcontainer and Stefan Bergström,
Sales Manager,
GDL Sjöcontainer



Prologis continues to expand in Eskilstuna Logistics Park

A 15,000 square metre premises is planned to be built next year.

The logistics property company Prologis has bought a 30,000 square metre plot in Eskilstuna Logistics Park. The company plans to build a 15,000 square metre premises on the site, starting in the first quarter of 2022. The building will be environmentally certified according to BREEAM at Very Good level.

Several stakeholders have shown interest, but so far it is not clear who the tenant will be.

“Eskilstuna works as a perfect complement to the more expensive Stockholm market, which means that we can now give the green light to start this exciting construction project. We strongly believe in Eskilstuna as a market and want to continue to grow in the area even


after we have completed this project,” says Gunnar Gillholm, VP, Country Manager Nordics, Prologis.



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