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June 2022


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Cancer Research KI updates and upcoming events


The 3rd Annual Mayo Clinic and Karolinska Institutet Joint Cancer Research Symposium 


On the 13th of June 2022, from 15.00-18.30 (Swedish time), Mayo Clinic Cancer Center and Cancer Research KI organise the 3rd joint virtual symposium to inform respective research communities about ongoing cancer research. The purpose of this event is also for researchers in the cancer area to meet and stimulate collaboration between KI and Mayo Clinic Cancer Center. We look forward to having you all join us!

Registration required!

Please connect to Zoom using your full name so we can grant you entrance to the meeting. You will be placed in a waiting room and granted access manually, so please plan to log in a few minutes early.

The programme available the CRKI website.

New Funding Opportunities: Endeavor Award


Multi-investigator teams worldwide can now apply for a Mark Foundation 2023 Endeavor Award - $3 million grants over three years to support innovative collaborations in cancer research.

The Mark Foundation Endeavor Awards support collaborative research projects that bring together investigators with diverse areas of expertise to tackle challenges in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer. These grants are awarded to teams of three or more investigators to generate and integrate data from diverse lines of research and transform those insights into advances for cancer patients that could not be achieved by individual efforts. Learn more.

The Endeavor RFP deadline is the 13th of July.

A few months ago, The Mark Foundation awarded for the first time two researchers from Sweden. Both Dr. Kirsty Spalding and Dr. Bennie Lemmens are researchers from Karolinska Insitutet and have been awarded ASPIRE (Accelerating Scientific Platform and Innovative Research) Awards. To read more please visit our website.

Cancer Research KI maps cancer research

principal investigators across KI


Cancer Research KI aims to increase your visibility to attract internal, international, industrial collaborations and funding, and to add your group to the database of cancer research at KI. If you are a principal investigator (PI) or a team leader engaged in some form of cancer research please add your group to the database. Currently, the Cancer Research KI office updates the visualisations and website with the new information provided recently. You can still add your group but the form will close soon. Please check out the first version of the database and feel free to reach out to if you have any questions.

OECI Oncology Days 2022:
Promoting Quality and Innovation to drive the future in Comprehensive Cancer Care


The 44th edition of the annual meeting of the OECI is held this year in Valencia, Spain, from June 15 to 17. The “OECI Oncology Days 2022” covers a series of current topics in oncology. The three conference days include: a first day dedicated to updating the activities of the OECI working groups, a second day focused on the Scientific Conference presenting the topic of “Artificial intelligence: a tool in modern and future oncology” as a resource with great potential that should be incorporated into our cancer centres; and finally, the third day will be devoted to the OECI General Assembly. Karolinska Comprehensive Cancer Center will be represented in Valencia by Patrik Rossi, Yvonne Wengström and Eva Jolly.

Save the date: Sjöberg Prize Lectures 2022


The Sjöberg Prize is an annual international prize in cancer research awarded to individual researchers or research groups. The prize amounts to one million US dollars, of which 100,000 US dollars is the prize sum and 900,000 US dollars is funding for future research. Please, check out the programme online.

DATE: 13th of June 2022
TIME: 09:00–11:00
VENUE: Eva & George Klein, Biomedicum, Karolinska Institutet, Solnavägen 9, Solna

Seminars and Workshops


Back-to-back seminars: Professors Sarah-Jane Dawson and Mark Dawson

Welcome to back-to-back research seminars with Professors Sarah-Jane Dawson and Mark Dawson , University of Melbourne, Australia. Learn more.

”Circulating tumour DNA to monitor the complexity of cancer” by Professor Sarah-Jane Dawson, Peter MacCallum Department of Oncology & Centre for Cancer Research, University of Melbourne.

”Chromatin regulators in cancer: Molecular mechanisms and therapeutic opportunities” by Professor Mark Dawson, Peter MacCallum Department of Oncology & Centre for Cancer Research, University of Melbourne.

Contact person: Professor Goncalo Castelo-Branco Email:


Thank you for participating at

the XIXth Cancer Research KI retreat!


We are glad to hear you enjoyed the XIXth Cancer Research KI retreat. It was great to see you again IRL.

The retreat took place May 23-24, 2022 at Djurönäset in the Stockholm archipelago. The retreat gathered 264 participants from 16 KI departments. It was open to KI/KUH students, post-docs, researchers, principal investigators, and healthcare professionals with an interest in cancer research and the current and future activities of Cancer Research KI. A general satisfaction from the retreat was rated 4.74/5.

The retreat ended with a poster prize announcement for the best posters. This year the winners are:

The 1st prize is given to Poster #12 Peng Cui, Understanding the causes of tumor heterogeneity in neuroblastoma and pheochromocytoma to identify new therapeutic targets.

The 2nd prize is given to Poster #8 Lola Boutin, Gamma Delta T cell recognition and activation potential in Medulloblastoma model.

The 3rd prize is given to Poster #80 Alejandro Lastra Romero, A biphasic inflammatory response in the hippocampus after irradiation of juvenile mouse brain.

For more information, please visit the retreat website. To learn more about the previous editions please visit the retreat archive.

Recent Research Publications

Patricia González-Rodríguez (Institute of environmental medicine) et al., Autophagy regulation by RNA alternative splicing and implications in human diseases. Nat Commun, May 2022
Lars Björnebo (Dept. of Medical Epidemiology and Biostatistics) et al., Association of 5α-Reductase Inhibitors With Prostate Cancer Mortality. JAMA Oncol, May 2022
Anna L V Johansson (Dept. of Medical Epidemiology and Biostatistics) et al., The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on cancer diagnosis based on pathology notifications: A comparison across the Nordic countries during 2020. Int J Cancer, April 2022
Subhendu Kumar Das, Vladislav Kuzin (Dept. of Cell and Molecular Biology) et al., MYC assembles and stimulates topoisomerases 1 and 2 in a “topisome”. Molecular Cell, January 2022.
Anika Wiegard, Vladislav Kuzin, Donald Cameron (Dept. of Cell and Molecular Biology) et al., Topoisomerase 1 activity during mitotic transcription favors the transition from mitosis to G1. Molecular Cell, December 2021

Any cancer-related publications from a KI-based researcher (corresponding author must be from KI) that you wish to be advertised through our newsletter please send in the format shown above to our email:

Open Positions


Please send us your open positions for Master projects, PhD candidates and postdocs so that we can advertise them to our Cancer Research KI community.

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Cancer Research KI is an overarching umbrella organisation and single point of entry to cancer research at Karolinska Institutet, conducted by some 350 research groups at multiple campuses and departments. The aim is to combine cancer research with clinical oncology by bringing together top level cancer scientists from different disciplines, with the overall goal to generate new scientific discoveries that can be rapidly translated into clinical practice for the benefit of patients and society.


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