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March 2020

Islington's Bunhill 2 Energy Centre in now up and running!

The first of its kind in the world, the Bunhill Heat and Power Network (BHPN) located in London's Inslington Borough now recouperates waste heat from the London Underground tunnels to provide afordable thermal comfort to homes, leisure centers and a school.

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Forerunner Groups helping cities implement solutions

To help cities overcome the obstacles faced in the implementation of heating and cooling solutions, the Celsius Initiative is establishing groups of forerunner cities that share the same type of challenges. Through collaboration and help from experts these groups will facilitate the transition to a sustainable energy system.

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Webinar on EU Smart Cities Programmes

Looking at funding opportunities and programmes for cities in the heat transition, Allan Larsson, Vice-Chair of Horizon Europe Smart cities Mission Board, presented the climate-neutral and smart cities mission area and Jelle Jaubin, Researcher on Sustainable Urban Development at VITO, presented the EIP-SCC Marketplace.

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Looking for best practices in efficient DHC


Through an in-depth analysis of district heating and cooling markets in Europe, DG Energy is looking for case studies of best practices in integration of renewable energy sources for waste heat or cold. Each case will be analysed through a holistic approach, aimed at identifying replicable, cost efficient best practices in various environments.

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District Energy by Sweden: sharing 65 years of experience

District heating (DH) and district cooling (DC) (also refered to as district energy or DHC) is a main driver of sustainable and eco-efficient city development. Considering 55% of all homes and commercial buildings in Sweden are heated by DH, this guide builds on decades of experience covering technology, business concepts and operations.

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Automated planning and design tool for DH networks


Companies and communities are joining forces in the transition towards a sustainable energy supply, and district heating systems are gaining steam. To support this evolution, Comsof has developed a GIS-based automated planning and design software for district heating networks - making it easy to build a solid business case and speed up the planning process.

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Upcoming events


Celsius Talk on

 Forerunner Groups


Webinar on low temperature policy


Celsius Summit 2020

Date: Thur 26/3 - 10:30CET

Place: Online webinar

In short: Presenting the Celsius Forerunner Groups - bringing cities and experts together to help cities implement heating and cooling solutions.


Date: Tue 17/3 - 9:30 CET

Place: Online webinar

In short: An interactive discussion on policy regarding urban waste heat recouperation to be presented in ReUseHeat project's upcomming position paper.


Date: June 17 & 18, 2020

Place: Croatia

In short: During this exclusive conference we will dicuss decarbonisation of district energy systems, modern market business models and more.
Stay tuned!

Info & Registration
Info & Registration
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Additional events available on: www.celsiuscity.eu/events


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