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April 2020

Low temperatures, the future of district heating

It's called district heating so why would the temperatures be low? With low temperature district heating (LTDH) it is possible to integrate low-temperature renewable energy sources, such as solar thermal, and recouperate heat from a wider range of sources in addition to lowering the distribution losses and still provide more than enough heat to warm homes and facilities.

In the folowing Celsius Toolbox articles, you will find a general introduction to LTDH and high temperature district cooling (HTDC) systems, a description of the distribution technologies used both for space heating and domestic hot water as well as strategies and concepts for the implementation of these modern systems - including mapping of the demand-side limitations and possibilities for the different temperature levels.

Hot Cooling and Cool Heating
Distribution Technologies
Strategies and Concepts

Celsius Policy: Public Consultations


In the upcoming weeks and months, a number of public consultations are scheduled with relevance for the Celsius cities. We invite you to participate in our joint response to the LIFE Programme and the Climate Pact consultations.

While we will reply to these consultations on behalf of Celsius, we would also like to encourage you to also reply on behalf of your city or organisation.

Learn more about our joint responses

Leading projects in LTDH

This month the Celsius Initiative is collaborating with two projects that are developing groundbreaking innovative solutions in LTDH: CoolDH and RELaTED. We will be hosting a joint webinar on Thursday April 16th ay 10:30 CEST. Click here for more infomation about the webinar. In the mean while, here is a little bit more infomation about these two projects.


COOL DH is an abbreviation of Cool ways of using low grade Heat Sources from Cooling and Surplus Heat for heating of Energy Efficient Buildings with new Low Temperature District Heating (LTDH) Solutions. The objective of COOL DH action is to support cities in their endeavor to plan and deploy new, efficient district heating and cooling (DHC) systems, and extend and refurbish existing ones to higher standards.



Renewable Low Temperature District, RELaTED, aims to provide an innovative ultra-low temperature concept for thermal district energy networks with lower costs, fewer heat losses, better energy performance and more extensive use of de-carbonized energy sources than current district heating concepts. With four demonstration sites across europe, the main objective of RELaTED is to demonstrate the feasibility of the concept, with large share of renewable energy and waste heat sources.

About CoolDH

Solar Heat for Cities


"The sustainable solution for district heating"

Solar heat is a rising star on the district heating horizon. Learn from champions in the field in this showcase of nine SDH systems across Europe and follow in their footsteps. In the "Solar Heat for Cities" brochure, recently published by the The International Energy Agency (IEA) Task 55 you can learn the facts, see the numbers and get inspired.

About Solar Heating

How to District Energize your City

In this years first number of the international magazine on district heating and cooling, The Danish Board of District Heating (DBDH) goes back to the basics.

The theme is "How to District Energize your City" and the magazine is filled to the brim with articles, interviews and step-by-step guides on how to make DHC a part of your city's energy system. Including strategic energy planning.

Learn more

Celsius Talk launching the forerunner groups

To help cities overcome the obstacles faced in the implementation of heating and cooling solutions, the Celsius Initiative is establishing groups of forerunner cities around a common challenge. Last month's Celsius Talk marked the official launch of the Celsius Forerunner Groups starting with three pilot groups: 1) getting started, 2) waste heat recouperation and 3) decarbonisation.

Watch webinar

Upcoming events


Cool DH / Celsius Talk on

Low Temperature District Heating


The EU ETS Innovation Fund and Cities Workshop

Date: Thursday 16/4 at 10:30 CET

Place: Online webinar

In short: Low Temperature District Heating (LTDH) is the future of district energy. This webinar is relevant for all cities, regardless of how mature their district energy systems are.


Date: Tuesday 21/4 at 13:00 CET

Place: Online workshop

In short: Learn more about the EU ETS Innovation Fund which is a new EU funding programme with the potential for €10 billion to be invested by 2030, tangibly supporting the vision for climate-neutral Europe by 2050.

Info & Registration
Info & Registration

Additional events available on: www.celsiuscity.eu/events


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