Celsius Initiative's Newsletter - November 2020

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November 2020

We are leaving fossil fuels behind!

This November newsletter will focus on sustainable energy sources cities can turn to in their efforts to limit their dependency on fossil fuels as energy sources. Below you will find best practices from Sweden and Croatia, as well as examples of concrete solutions cities can implement in their local energy systems in their transition to a cleaner and more resource efficient future.


Energy Transition in Gothenburg, Sweden

About 90 percent of apartment buildings, 12 000 detached houses and numerous industries, offices, stores, and public buildings are connected to district heating in Gothenburg. Göteborg Energi, the city-owned energy company and local provider of district heat, are going fossil free by 2025, basing their production solely on renewables and recycled energy.

This is how

Phasing out fossil energy in Croatia

Croatia is hosting the Celsius Summit this year. The mediterrandian country has many barriers to overcome, but also really good preconditions for becoming fossil independent. To learn more about this promissing region, we interviewed Tomislav Novosel is a project leader at REGEA, North West Croatia Regional Energy Agency, and one of the main organisers of the Celsius Summit 2020.

Barriers and possibilities for the energy transition in Croatia

Celsius Summit 2020 - Mission Possible!

Facilitating the Heat Transition in South East Europe & Beyond!

The Celsius Summit 2020 will put a clear emphasis on South East Europe's heat transition, its challenges, success stories and what role district heating & cooling networks will play. We will explore the “mission possible” – how to facilitate the urban heat transition – from different angles:

funding, with a multitude of new funding programmes available for all Celsius cities
policy framework and what else is needed to make a fast and ambitious heat transition happen

Join the network, share knowledge and get inspired by the best practices !

Let's accomplish the mission!

Existing technologies for renewable solutions

Energy Technology Perspectives 2020 report

This new IEA report deals with the full energy sector, and draws the contours for how we can reach the Sustainable Development Scenario (SDS) within each area.

“To be in line with the SDS, the share of clean heating technologies – heat pumps, district heating, renewable and hydrogen-based heating – needs to more than double to 50% of sales by 2030” states the IEA on heating.

Heatpumping district heating

Geothermal solves the energy dilemma of European cities

About 74% of Europe’s population lives in cities, and urban areas account for 60-80% of carbon emissions. Weaning our cities off fossil fuels and replacing these with geothermal and other renewables is key.

Hot on geothermal

Smart cities use solar for heating

In many towns and cities, district energy has become an important pillar of climate action and emissions reduction programmes. This IEA Solar Heat for Cities brochure describes solar district heating (SDH) technologies, their advantages and market growth.


How much energy can SDH save?

From the Celsius Toolbox


Find the money for the next step: A funding for scaling checklist

For a new concept to create impact, it needs to be implemented on a large scale – and this requires funding. This checklist provides guidance on what steps to take to improve your chances of receiving funding for scaling and replication of your demonstration project.


How to scale heating and cooling demonstrator projects

Providing an overview of frameworks for how to scale demonstrator projects into fully operational solutions, in order to create large-scale impact. Project managers of demonstrator projects, managers of proposal projects and other stakeholders will benefit from the text.


Financial instruments for scaling up bankable solutions

This text gives an overview of ways to fund the scaling of successful demonstrator projects in order to create large-scale impact. It provides recommendations of steps to take, requirements from financiers and different sources of advice.

Scaling Checklist
Scaling Projects
Funding Scaling
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