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December 2020

Celsius Summit: Mission Accomplished!

The biggest Celsius event to date, this year's Celsius summit broke new records on many levels. Co-organised by the Celsius Initiative and the North-West Croatia Regional Energy Agency (REGEA), this year we put the spotlight on South East Europe's heat transition, its challenges and success stories and what role district heating and cooling networks will play.

The first day focussed onfunding aspects, with a multitude of new funding programmes available for Celsius cities. The second day underlined policy frameworks and what is needed to make a fast and ambitious heat transition happen across Europe.

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Summary, recordings, presentations & more

Creating oportunities in the region

There is an "abundance of opportunities" says Julije Domac, Director of REGEA, President of FEDARENE and Special Adviser on Energy and Climate to the Office of the President, in a follow-up interview after the Celsius Summit 2020.

"Money is available for good projects, the EU has firmly set its ambition for decarbonisation and the importance of cities and potential of district heating is clear and explicit. This Summit has helped shine a spotlight on the region of South East Europe which is often overlooked in these discussions [...]. There are a lot of interesting developments and a vast potential which is just waiting to be tapped. ‚Äč"

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Happy Holidays from Celsius


Christmas and a new year are approaching, and it is time to reflect and look forward at the same time.

I am happy that Celsius launched and developed the Forerunner groups for cities during 2020.

The webinar series have been very well attended and I think we should partly thank the pandemic for new skills and methods for digital togetherness.

After long negotiations, the budget for the EU was just approved and it contains The Green Deal whose ambitions, I believe, will be a powerful tool for sustainable heating and cooling.

Happy Holidays to you all and I hope you will come back well-rested in 2021 and be ready to solve new challenges together with us.

Katrina Folland
Celsius Initiative's Coordinator


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