Celsius Initiative's Newsletter - March 2021

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March 2021

Sustainable Finance for Heating and Cooling

World leaders agree that we need to see an energy transition taking place within a few years to mitigate climate change. There are more green financial instruments than ever before from major funders and investors supporting sustainable solutions. Still, it is very challenging for cities and heating and cooling providers to find adequate capital allowing them to finance projects deploying technologies that will enable a leap in the energy transition.

In the hopes to help cities overcome the financing barriers, this month the Celsius Initiative will focus on sustainable finance for heating and cooling.

Below you will find some concrete examples of sustainable financing solutions and on Tuesday March 16 at 10:00 CET you are kindly invited to join us for the Celsius Talk and Smart Cities Marketplace Action Cluster meeting on sustainable finance for heating and cooling.

Learn more and register for the webinar here!

A New Heating and Cooling Initiative


Celsius has officially launched an Initiative focussing on Heating & Cooling as part of the Action Cluster Sustainable Districts & Built Environment of the Smart Cities Marketplace. The aim is to share the knowledge gathered from the Celsius Initiative and the Celsius Cities to inspire further uptake of solutions, and to benchmark the projects underway against Smart Cities Marketplace members’ activities.

Learn more about the new initiative!

Financial Instruments and Successful Examples


FlexiGrid's financial instruments for green investments.

The energy market is under transition towards becoming more flexible. As in all markets change creates uncertainties for stakeholders, including investors. Even though there is more green capital than ever, still there is a gap between investors and project owners because of these uncertainties. FlexiGrid looks at how to close that gap.

FlexiGrid's Instruments

A pioneering project for sustainable energy in Greece.

As the world keeps looking to sustainable energy solutions, geothermal energy exploration can be essential for those countries with access to it. During the next 18 months, Greece will implement and complete a new project to explore the Antheia-Aristino low-enthalpy geothermal field near Alexandroupolis, financed in part by the ERDF.

The Alexandropolis Example

From the Celsius Toolbox


Financial instruments for scaling up bankable solutions


Find money for the next step: A funding for scaling checklist


Bankability of urban excess heat recovery investments

Presenting an overview of ways to fund the scaling of successful demonstrator projects in order to create large-scale impact, this article provides recommendations of steps to take, requirements from financiers and different sources of advice.


For a new concept to create impact, it needs to be implemented on a large scale – and this requires funding. This checklist provides guidance on what steps to take to improve chances of receiving funding for scaling and replication of demonstration projects.


Introducing a detailed analysis on the topic of bankability of urban excess heat recovery investments with a focus on on excess heat available at an urban scale, including sources such as underground railways, datacenters, and much more.

Financial Instruments
Scaling Checklist
Bankability of Heat
More Articles - More Knowledge - More from the Toolbox

Looking for investors?

Does your city look for investors for a DHC project?

Then we have the right platform for you! Submit your project idea and pitch in front of a panel of investors.

Pitch your Idea – Take the Shot – Change the World

Last month's webinar


In order to decarbonise the energy system in the shortest possible time, it is essential to implement practicable and available solutions now and that all the relevant stakeholders at the EU, national and local level, are involved in a harmonised way.

During this webinar we explored how to develop successful action plans to retrofit DH networks in Europe, learning from concrete case studies from the EU projects UpgradeDH and KeepWarm. Our speakers analysed expected legislative challenges and recommended solutions to successfully overcome them.

Webinar recordning and presentation slides

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