Celsius Initiative's Newsletter - April 2021

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April 2021

Stakeholder Engagement

The energy system is in transition and in a future with no fossil fuels, limited volumes of waste heat and forestry residuals for incineration, waste heat sources gain in importance. Prosumers who both own waste heat and are heat consumers are important to future success. Another important factor is demand for green energy solutions which needs to be triggered from end-users. For both prosumers and other end-users an awareness of which waste heat sources exist and how they can be used is important for future district energy systems..

With this in mind, this April the Celsius Initiative is partnering up with the REWARDHeat and ReUseHeat projects to address the question of how utility companies can better engage with the end-users. Below you will find an analysis of end-user’s perspective to be taken into consideration while developing low temperature DHC networks which will be discussed during the Celsius Talk on Stakeholder Engagement on Thursday April 15 at 10:00 CET.

Learn more and register for the webinar here!

Putting End-Users First


Before any changes to the relationships between energy suppliers and their customers can be proposed though, a better understanding of how and for what purposes the customers use the delivered energy is vital. Within the scope of the REWARDHeat project, a detailed analysis focused on the heating and cooling demands in residential buildings was conducted.

Understanding the customers’ perspective

Inspiration, Networking and Connections

At the 40th Euroheat & Power Congress the district heating & cooling industry, academia and policy-makers will come together to plan for the future and keep the heat transition success story going. Take part in the best DHC community event in Europe!

This event provides a unique platform for high-quality exchange on implementation challenges and best practices; including both technical and business approaches. There are loads of networking opportunities – every Thursday between March and July –, webinars and two conference days with cutting-edge topics! Keep an eye out for the Celsius events on April 15, April 22 and May 3!

Public authorities – including cities and energy agencies – can benefit from free tickets; get in touch with events@euroheat.org to secure yours. Join the 40th Euroheat & Power Congress!

Free Registration for Cities!

From the Celsius Toolbox


Five steps to engaging with stakeholders in district energy projects


Stakeholder engagement in heat networks: A guide from the Carbon Trust

The success of district energy projects depends upon securing commitment from a variety of stakeholders to switch from the status quo to something new. We share our key lessons learned through our experience supporting local authorities to develop more than 40 district energy projects, both within the UK and internationally.


The report Stakeholder Engagement in Heat Networks: A guide for project managers was published by The Carbon Trust. It aims to provide a better understanding of the importance of stakeholder engagement in heat network development, as well as advice on how to carry out the engagement in practice.

Key lessons learned
Read the report
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Last month's webinar


In the hopes to help cities overcome the financing barriers they face, The Smart Cities Marketplace’s Sustainable Districts and Build Environment Action Cluster, and the Celsius Initiative are, are pleased to present this workshop marking the launch of its Heating and Cooling Initiative. Focusing on financing integrated energy systems, it puts a spotlight on identified challenges and gives recommendations for how they can be resolved.

Webinar recording and presentation slides

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