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How can cybersecurity contribute to better business? And what should you consider to pursue a career in the field? Kista Science City is home to some of the cutting-edge players in cybersecurity and in this newsletter, we share insights and knowledge from a few of them. Learn more about how you can benefit from understanding and mitigating cyber threats. Enjoy!

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In today's digital world, taking proactive steps to protect your business from cyber threats is absolutely essential for continued growth. Despite this, many Swedish compatines still lack the necessary awareness of their cybersecurity needs.

Learn more about the ongoing cybersecurity initiatives in Kista Science City, and the importance of cybersecurity intelligence in Sweden's tech industry.

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With the launch of our cybersecurity program, we're teaming up with leading experts to empower tech businesses with enhanced cybersecurity knowledge.

Join us in unlocking your business potential and stay tuned for more updates on our collaborative efforts to drive industry growth and security.

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Are you curious about career options in the tech industry? Cybersecurity offers an exciting career path with numerous job opportunities. From ethical hacking and penetration testing to cybersecurity consulting and risk management.

To help you get started, we’ve gathered some tips from experts in the Kista Science City cybersecurity cluster.

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Transforming waste management in urban areas, the City of Stockholm in collaboration with two startups and Kista Science City has equipped 155 waste bins with sensors that reduce garbage collection stops by 80%.

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Exercise and movement engage people and bring them together. Kista Science City offers great opportunities to use the outdoors for new connections.

"We Run Kista" offers runs every Monday and Wednesday and in Kista Innovation Park you can join "Training of the Day" on Tuesdays and Yoga on Fridays.

Plus, we have the brand new "Kista Five", a set of five walking and running routes designed to suit all fitness levels.

Read more about Kista Science City's free outdoor activities and check out the event calendar.

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2 new reports on cybersecurity from RISE

RISE has recently released two critical reports that examine the risks associated with the Internet of Things (IoT) and propose actions to avoid cyber threats to the energy system.

These reports offer valuable insights and recommendations that can help businesses and individuals better understand and mitigate cybersecurity risks.


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Kista companies and profiles recognized on this year's Tech50 list

Congratulations to Deqa Abukar, CEO of Bling Capital; Linus Wallin, CEO of Atea Sverige; Vahid Zohali, CEO of IBM Sverige; and Jenny Lindqvist, Head of Market Area Europe and Latin America at Ericsson for being recognized on this year's Tech50 list.
We're proud to have these leaders in Kista driving innovation and visibility in the tech industry.


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Swedish Climate Startup Map


We're excited to see several Kista companies featured on the newly launched Swedish Climate Startup Map, including BL!XT, Bright Day Graphene AB, Climeon, Exeger, Energic, and Earthbanc. Check out the map to see how these companies are driving innovation and sustainability in the tech industry.

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Hot New Consumer Trends by Ericsson

Ericsson is launching 10 hot new consumer trends to help adapt to tomorrow's extreme weather events, protect against unpredictable climate change related challenges and shape future work routines.

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KTH Space Rendezvouz, April 27


Join Space Rendezvous and discover the latest innovations and developments in the Swedish space industry!

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Kista Five, April 27

Join us for the premiere of Kista Five. Discover our five new routes, perfect for lunchtime jogging or walking, and explore the diverse area we are working in.

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Stockholm Tech Show May 3-4


One of Sweden's most important events for the tech industry and everyone who works with technology. We'll be in booth L:34, come talk to us!
Use our promo code KistaSciencecity50 to get a 50% discount on the Conference fee. (Exhibition free for all)

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Cassini Matchmaking at Stockholm Tech Show, May 4


Accelerating the growth of the European space industry. Join the Cassini Matchmaking: Exploring the EUSpace ecosystem, to meet startups and corporates within space tech.

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Tech Tuesday, May 9


Get the latest findings and trends shared over breakfast with friends from Kista's tech community. This event will be hosted by Ericsson on the topic "Operating AI- Bridging the Gap between Technology and Business”.

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Get on top of Space, May 23


The must go-to event about space tech, the next business frontier with enormous investments in R&D. This event will be run in close collaboration between THINGS and Kista Science City.

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