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This month, we're showcasing the growing influence of space technology in Kista and its transformative potential for businesses far and wide. We spotlight the rise of space tech companies and delve into some of their pioneering projects. Shifting gears from space to data privacy, we highlight our new collaboration with Integritetsskyddsmyndigheten (IMY), where we are launching a unique collaboration for a regulatory lab. Join us to get a pulse on these exciting developments and their impact on various sectors.

And mark your calendars! On August 30th, we are hosting our annual Mobility Day, where we navigate the future of transportation and mobility. It’s an event packed with insights that you don’t want to miss. More details coming soon!

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Kista Science City, in collaboration with Cassini matchmaking, recently hosted the event 'Exploring the EUSpace ecosystem' during the Stockholm Tech Show. The event brought together top EU space startups, scaleups, and industry experts, providing a dynamic platform for showcasing innovative ideas and exploring the latest industry trends.

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Kista is emerging as a global hub for space technology, marked by innovations in earth observation and satellite communications. Notable companies like OHB Sweden and start-ups as PandionAI are propelling this growth, leveraging new technology trends to make advancements in the commercial space sector.

The collaborative ecosystem in Kista enables these companies to access cutting-edge research and form partnerships. Paving the way for new groundbreaking solutions such as satellite constellations and sustainable approaches to tackle space debris.

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Kista Science City, in a unique collaboration with the Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection (IMY), the City of Stockholm, and the strategic innovation programme IoT Sweden (IoT Sverige) is launching an initiative for regulatory testing. This is the second pilot in IMY’s regulatory lab. It will explore data privacy issues when gathering essential information needed to enhance safety in public spaces.

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In June, DeepTech Alliance organized the “Clean Energy Summit 2023 – an event that explored the diverse domain of clean clean energy innovations and opportunities.

The summit underscored how clean energy is transforming urban mobility and introduced a variety of compelling new possibilities – with sustainability as the core driving force.

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The first round of our strategic business development program in cybersecurity has come to an end. Participating companies have broadened their awareness, enhanced their competence, and acquired key strategic skills. Critical tools for staying competitive and driving sustainable growth in an environment increasingly marked by cyber threats.
The programme is set to continue in the fall, and we welcome additional scale-ups to join.

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Mark your calendars for the annual Mobility Day on August 30th! This unique event brings together industry leaders, innovators, researchers, and policy-makers, collectively steering the future of sustainable mobility and transport.

Mobility and sustainability are now more interconnected than ever. Although travel and transport make up a substantial part of Sweden’s emissions, we have the means to change this. Thanks to innovation, emerging business models, and important changes in behavior, we’re not just aspiring for a greener future—we’re actively crafting it.

Join us for an inspiring day, where we together pave the way for a sustainable tomorrow!

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BLIXT to TechArenan finals 

Kista's based BLIXT has made it to the finals of the TechArenan Challenge 2023! Their cutting-edge software-controllable tech for current and voltage management is set to revolutionize industries.

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Fujitsu boosts cyber defence center through key partnership 


Fujitsu reinforces its Cyber Defence Center through a collaboration with Truesec, the top Incident and Response team in the Nordics. The newly opened Cyber Defence center in Kista and Östersund delivers 24/7 standardized IT security solutions to organizations in the public and private sectors, effectively addressing their operational cybersecurity challenges.

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Tele 2 presents the worlds first autonomous passenger ferry connected with 5G


Tele2 is pioneering the way towards seamless and efficient transportation with the groundbreaking introduction of the world's first autonomous passenger ferry powered by 5G connectivity.

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OHB to cleanup space debris

Inside a Kista-based industrial facility, the construction of future space endeavors is in full swing. From improved weather forecasting and carbon dioxide monitoring to space debris cleanup, OHB Sweden is making bold strides to scale up its operations in the face of rising sector investments.

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Roads to the Future. August 29


Discover the latest research and cutting-edge technology in electric vehicles and their integration into the electricity grid at Roads to the Future. Kista Science Tower

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Mobility Day. August 30

Mark your calendars for August 30th and the annual Mobility Day in Kista! Join us for an inspiring day where we pave the way for the future of sustainable mobility and transportation.

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Kistaloppet. September 16


Start training today for the 14th edition of Kistaloppet, arranged by Löparacademin.

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