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In this edition, we spotlight several new initiatives and welcome a couple of new neighbours to the community - including a new competence center on wireless communications and a national hub on cybersecurity.

And don't forget to join the growing space cluster in Kista for the next meet-up and after work on November 9th - especially if you are curious about new opportunities linked to space. For all the upcoming activities and opportunities, check out the event calendar below.

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"If there’s anywhere that research within wireless communication should be conducted, it’s in Kista", says Emil Björnson, professor in Wireless Communication at KTH and the leader of new competence center Swedish Wireless Innovation Network, SweWIN.

The initiative aims to be a key force in enabling Sweden’s commitment to lead, innovate, and foster collaborative platforms in this area. SweWIN focuses on both promoting energy efficiency and championing the use of sustainable materials in the development of new solutions.

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SMEs are the backbone of the Swedish economy but are also the most vulnerable to cyberattacks. The Sweden Secure Tech Hub aims to help SMEs of all sizes improve their cybersecurity posture, whether they are just getting started or looking to take their cybersecurity to the next level.

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Swedish deep tech company Exeger has launched a state-of-the-art factory in Kista. The new facility aims to set a European standard for sustainable solar cell production, leveraging renewable energy sources and eco-friendly infrastructure.

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Together with IoT Sverige, we have launched a national forum to explore the integrity and ethics of using IoT to make our cities safer. This initiative brings together municipalities, companies, experts, and the public sector to deepen the conversation and accelerate innovation.

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Accurate, known for their expertise in connection technologies, electronics, and electromechanics, has moved their headquarters to Kista. The move reflects the company’s broader ambition for new partnerships and technological advancement.

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Join this after work session with speakers from TeraSi, OHB Sweden, PandionAI, Ovzon and ReOrbit.

Co-hosted by THINGS and Kista Science City, Get on Top of Space Tech, will give you an update of space tech’s current applications and learn about future business potentials. Also a great opportunity to network and connect with companies and individuals invested in space technology.

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Are you looking for inspiration on how to start and grow your business+ then startup day is for you. The day offers a mix of sessions and talks where entrepreneurs and business coaches share their knowledge and insights, where you can network with peers and get hands-on advice during drop-in coaching.

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Sweden's semiconductor growth


Sweden is rapidly positioning itself in the crucial semiconductor sector, vital for AI and automotive industries. With Europe investing billions, Swedish companies are competing for dominance in this essential technology market.

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Exeger and 3M announce strategic partnership


Swedish tech company Exeger partners with 3M to integrate Powerfoyle solar cells into various products, starting with worker safety equipment. This collaboration aims to make workplaces more sustainable and connected, using Exeger's unique solar technology.

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Bright Day Graphene's scaleup ambitions


Bright Day Graphene is on track to establish a large-scale, bio-based production with a goal of producing 1 ton graphene per year. Their focus on the battery and electric vehicle sectors aims to leverage graphene's unique attributes for industry innovation.

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Top ranking for The Game Assembly


The Game Assembly ranks high in The Rookies' global game development school listings. Their achievements include #1 in Production Excellence for Mobile Games.

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BL!XT Wins at the climate tech event Verge


Kista-based BL!XT stands out as the energy category winner at Verge - the world's largest climate tech conference.

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RISE Learning Machines, November 2


Optimization-in-the-loop ML for energy and climate with Priya Donti, MIT and Climate Change AI.

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Space Rendezvous, November 2


Space Electronics and cosmic radiation, how to survive and thrive in space. Join live in Kista or online.

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Get on top of Space Tech, November 9


The must go-to event about space tech, the next business frontier with enormous investments in R&D.

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RISE CAMART 2, November 9


This Photonics & Electronics for Europe Workshop is for you with an interest in finding new constellations for technology development in the areas of photonics and electronics.

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STARTUP DAY, November 14


Start and grow your business at Startup Day. Join a mix of sessions and talks, network with peers and get hands-on advice during drop-in coaching.

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Automationsdagarna, November 16


Welcome to two days filled with discussions about automation solutions for aviation with a focus on air traffic control and airspace. This year's theme is "Human-automation collaboration".

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Tech Tuesday with Intel, November 21


This Tuesday we will be visiting Intel to dive into the hardware complexity of massively parallel systems and its impacts on software.

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Computer and System Architecture
meetup#2, November 22


Join the new meetup series for you working in the field of computer and system architecture.

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