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As we continue to highlight the innovations and developments within Kista, we’re also keeping an eye on important shifts in our community. A notable change on the horizon involves KTH's recent decision to consolidate their operations on three campuses from 2027, affecting their presence in Kista. The exact plans are not yet set and discussions continue to determine the future scope of KTH’s activities and collaborations in the area.

In the meantime, there's plenty to get involved with in our ecosystem. Explore upcoming activities and opportunities in our event calendar, below and on, and reach out if you’d like to have an event included in the future.

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The 5G Ride project, in collaboration with Drive Sweden Policy Lab, recently traveled to Norway to observe autonomous public transport in action. Insights from the trip will inform upcoming autonomous vehicle tests in Stockholm, marking a big step towards enhancing urban mobility and public transport efficiency.

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Applied Autonomy, known for their innovative work in autonomous transportation, has chosen Kista as a strategic hub for their Swedish operations. The Norwegian company is set to play a key role in the tech community, contributing with innovative solutions and collaborating with local innovators to advance safe and efficient urban mobility.

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A recent study shows that small and medium-sized medical technology companies are particularly vulnerable to cyberattacks.

A worrying development, as cyberattacks on medical technology companies can have significant consequences for the company itself, as well as for customers and suppliers.

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We brought together Stockholm's space tech experts to discuss the sector's growth and its impact across various industries. The forum showcased significant investments in space tech research and development, emphasizing the potential for innovation and opportunities for both businesses and society.

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Several companies and organizations are now welcoming a new wave of interns for 2024. RISE, PandionAI, Munters, FOI, and Excillum are offering a variety of internships, providing students with valuable opportunities to work on cutting-edge projects. These roles present a chance for students to gain practical experience and contribute to the advancement of technology in various sectors.

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RISE report on AI and cybersecurity 


RISE's recent report delves into the dual role of Artificial Intelligence in cybersecurity, highlighting its use in enhancing defense systems and the rising threat of AI-driven cyber attacks. The report calls for balanced AI development and regulatory measures to reduce risks in the evolving cyber landscape.

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Accurate Group 20th anniversary


Celebrating 20 years of innovation, the Kista-based company Accurate Group has evolved from specializing in interconnection solutions to covering a diverse range of services, including AI and organizational development. Today, as part of the Nicomatic Group, Accurate continues to deliver quality and expertise in the tech sector.

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OHB Sweden's aerospace innovation


OHB Sweden celebrates a breakthrough in aerospace engineering with Additive Manufacturing technology from AMEXCI, producing high-performance, lightweight spacecraft brackets. This innovation enhances spacecraft efficiency and sustainability, marking a significant advancement in their InnoSat product line.

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Swedish semiconductor development at a crossroads


A Dagens Industri article highlights concerns over Sweden lagging in semiconductor development. Industry leaders urge increased government funding for innovation and participation in EU's Chips Joint Undertaking to maintain competitiveness and leverage technological advancements.

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Sivers Photonics secures $1M in orders


Sivers Photonics, part of Sivers Semiconductors AB, has received $1 million in orders for optical sensing products from US customers, boosting its growth in LiDAR, Medical, and Industrial sectors. These orders, focused on advanced lasers and optical amplifiers, support Sivers' goal to significantly increase product sales by 2026.

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BL!XT recognized as a Hello Tomorrow Deep Tech Pioneer


Following their win at Verge, BL!XT is now a Hello Tomorrow Deep Tech Pioneer, selected from over 4,500 global applicants. This achievement highlights BL!XT's commitment to transformative technology and sets the stage for their participation at the Hello Tomorrow Global Summit in Paris.

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Kista NOD wins BREEAM-in-Use award


Kista NOD has been honored with the BREEAM-in-Use award at the Sweden Green Building Awards, recognizing the building's commitment to sustainable practices. This award highlights efforts to reduce environmental impact within the facilities.

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Plantvision honored as "career company" for the third year


Plantvision celebrates being named a 'Karriärföretag' for the third consecutive year, recognized for offering excellent career and development opportunities to young talents. The Karriärföretagen jury praised Plantvision for their commitment to fostering a supportive work environment and promoting continuous growth.

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Radtonics: Revolutionizing 5G networks


Radtonics is making strides in the 5G technology market. The Kista-based company offers private 5G networks for companies, aiming to make them as user-friendly as Wi-Fi networks. After initial success abroad, Radtonics is now focusing on the Swedish market, with aspirations to become a billion-dollar company in the booming 5G sector.


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X-mas cheer, Dec 14


The Kloud invites to an X-mas cheer. Drop by Grönlandsparken between 12 and 3 pm on December 14 for a mingle event.

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New grants and support for scaleups, Jan 22


Exploring emerging opportunities for national and international soft funding. This digital seminar is designed for innovative tech companies in the scale-up phase that have a history of applying for public grants.

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Lösningar för offentlig sektor, e-Hälsa, MVTe & Upphandlingsdagarna, Jan 24 - 25


Kistamässan hosts one of Sweden's most important meeting places for anyone working with the future of healthcare.

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Vägar till juridisk motståndskraft, Jan 30

This webinar, arranged by FOI, will discuss vulnerabilities in the legal system and the risk that these vulnerabilities may be exploited by other states.

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