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This month, we'll cover reflections and community highlights from MWC 2024, and explore the intersection of defense and innovation in Sweden, where the collaboration between the civil and defense sectors is enhancing national security. We also spotlight the development of digital twin technology, with ongoing projects from MIT, KTH, RISE, and the City of Stockholm. Initiatives driving change in urban planning and sustainability efforts.
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The Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2024 concluded, highlighting the latest advancements in mobile technology and their impact on future connectivity. The event showcased significant progress in 5G and the transition towards 6G, hinting at transformative effects across various industries. AI's critical role was a focal point, with companies displaying innovations aimed at boosting network performance and user experiences. Additionally, the conference underscored initiatives in sustainability and inclusivity, demonstrating how technology can drive positive change.

Innovations from Ericsson, Intel and Sivers Semiconductors shed light on the transformative potential of these technologies in driving efficiency, sustainability, and inclusivity worldwide.

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Sweden confronts rising global security challenges by fusing cutting-edge technologies with its defense sector.

This strategic move leverages Sweden's innovative ecosystem of startups and scaleups and empowers them to develop the next generation of defence technology. By fostering collaboration, investing in research, and empowering startups, Sweden secures its position as a leader in defense technology, well-equipped for the challenges of tomorrow.

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Companies and research teams in Kista's tech ecosystem spearhead digital twin advancement, pushing technological boundaries and demonstrating real-world applications.

Digital Vision Kista transforms urban planning with a 3D model visualizing traffic and infrastructure. Project Gemini, by MIT and KTH, tackles urban emissions and Digital Vision Sweden, led by RISE, enhances Sweden's urban planning with digital twins, fostering resilience and informed decisions against climate challenges.

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Space Tech has rapidly become an enabler of new exciting solutions across industries, and is already helping us approach many of the 17 sustainable development goals. Space Tech is becoming the next business frontier and enormous investments are continuously made in research and development.

Join the community of space-related companies at THINGS Get On Top Of Space Tech. Together with THINGS and speakers from Ericsson and, we will provide you with an overview of what is already available and what lies ahead. April 24 at 17:30.

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Stockholm University is witnessing a significant increase in applications for its international master's programs this fall. With over 17,000 applications, the university is experiencing a high level of interest from prospective students. Leading the way is the Master's program in Data Science receiving a record-breaking 1,000 applications.

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Kista's space sector takes off as OHB Sweden expands with a 10-year lease for 4,778 sqm. Their new HQ will house offices & clean rooms for cutting-edge satellite & propulsion development. This fuels OHB Sweden's growth & strengthens Kista's innovation scene.

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Enea's report for 2024 highlights key mobile trends, such as increasing voice fraud and AI's complex role in security. It also explores Wi-Fi offloading's evolution and new EU digital regulations, highlighting their impact on the telecom industry.

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In 2023, Sweden reached its highest-ever number of patent applications, securing a second-place global ranking and underscoring the country's strong performance in innovation. This achievement was significantly propelled by Ericsson's advancements in digital communication, showcasing the company's leadership in driving technological progress.

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Advanced Engineering, Elektronikmässan & Embedded Conference, April 10-11


Embedded Conference Scandinavia is a two-day conference featuring learning from some of the most influental leaders in Sweden, sharing their knowledge within the embedded technology field. Get the Kista Science City promo code here.

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Drop-in coaching, April 17


Turn your business challenges to your strengths. Meet business advisors from Starta eget Stockholm. Drop in at the Kista Science City office in the Nod building.

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Tech Tuesday, April 23


Tech Tuesdays are monthly events for the tech community in Kista, aimed at getting an inside perspective and learning about cutting-edge trends from researchers and developers.

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THINGS Get on top of Space, April 24


The must go-to event about space tech, the next business frontier with enormous investments in R&D.

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IDA 2024, April 24-26


22nd International Symposium on Intelligent Data Analysis (IDA 2024) focus on the latest advances in intelligent data analysis, including AI, neural networks, statistical learning, and natural language processing.

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NORDEEP Summit, May 8

NORDEEP Summit connects deep tech startups and scientists with funding, talent, clients and expertise to build more deep tech success stories from the Nordic and Baltic regions.
Use this link to get our 25% discount.

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Sveriges Innovationsriksdag, May 13-15


Sweden's premier meeting place for actors who work to promote, strengthen and develop innovation and business.

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Tech Tuesday, May 14


Save the date for Tech Tuesday in May. Our monthly events for the tech community in Kista, aimed at getting an inside perspective and learning about cutting-edge trends from researchers and developers.

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Stockholm Tech Show & Stockholm Smart City, May 22-23


Explore Stockholm Tech Show, a 2-day event featuring over 150 speakers exploring topics such as AI, cybersecurity, and space exploration. Use our promo code KistaSciencecity50 to get a 50% discount on the Conference fee. (Exhibition free for all)

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ACM Interactive Media Experiences, June 12-14


The leading international conference for presentation and discussion of research into interactive media experiences. ringBing together researchers and practitioners from a wide range of disciplines, from human-computer interaction, multimedia engineering and design, to media studies, media psychology and sociology.

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