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Our sustainability work

All due respect to visions and targets, but maybe you’re wondering how we work in purely practical terms in our day-to-day work here at LK Armatur as regards sustainability issues? You can find out more about all this at our website,

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Products and solutions
Changing the appearance of our packaging

We started replacing all our product packaging at the end of last year. This is a major project that will take some time to complete. The new packaging gives us lots of benefits:

New designs that stand out clearly in shops and warehouses.
Easier for customers/users to see what is inside the packaging
The new product packaging bears FSC labels.
We’re adapting our packaging to the weight of the product in order to reduce consumption of paper, and we’re also using smart measures inside our boxes to reduce our use of plastic.



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New employees at LK Armatur
Technical production manager – Helsingborg

Jens Johannesson took up the position of technical production manager at LK Armatur in Helsingborg on January 11th. We’re pleased to welcome Jens to LK Armatur and the important position he’s taken over at our production facility in order to maintain our high quality standards. Contact information for Jens

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Product Catalogue 2021

We hope you haven’t missed our new product catalogue for 2021! It’s available now at
Take a look at it on the website, or download a PDF copy. The catalogue is now available in 7 different languages.


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We’re releasing a number of new instruction videos

We’ve added a number of new instruction videos to our YouTube channel – the easiest way to access them is via our website at

Design your own LK 525 MultiZone valve
LK HydronicGroup C/C 90
LK 525 MultiZone Hairpin


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Opening hours
Public holidays in Sweden 2021

We’ve updated our opening hours for 2021. Find out more about this on our website by clicking the link below.


Our opening hours

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