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A word from the Head of department 

Dear MedH friends,

In complex organizations such as ours, progress depends on successful communication that secures knowledge transmission and exchange of ideas. Communication involves at least two parties, however, and it is important to confirm how the recipients perceive our transmissions, to make sure they give in expected outcome.

Our internal communication is in focus right now in a very exciting pilot project, where our communication routines and our coworker’s expectations are discussed in detail using focus group discussions and interviews. I am happy we are part of this work, and hope to get new insights and idea how to sharpen our communication. Emma Karlsson leads the project and describes it in more detail in this newsletter.

Infrastructures are key to a successful university. MedH possess three technical infrastructures: the MedH FACS facility, the ANA Futura BSL-3 laboratory and the ICMC single cell core. The two first are already established core facilities supported by KI and Region Stockholm and the single cell core will hopefully soon join this league.

The single cell core facility stems from ICMC, one of our units that have been supported by AstraZeneca for several years. The AstraZeneca support for ICMC has now ended, but the single cell core is a fantastic spinoff with great future potential as a resource for many groups at MedH and at Campus Flemingsberg. It is our goal to turn it into an open core facility from 2022 and our vice president Ole Petter Ottersen shares this ambition and supports the transition financially. Michael Vanlandewijck, manager of the facility, describes the activities of the single cell core and what we can expect from it in the years to come.

I am also happy to say that the Ana Futura BSL-3 laboratory has just opened, offering a long awaited hub for BSL-3 work at Campus Flemingsberg. The need for BSL-3 has been evident not the least during the SARS-Cov-2 pandemic, but many other project will benefit from this resource in the future. We will come back to the BSL-3 facility in coming newsletters.

This newsletter is the first one only in English, our working language at MedH, and we will no longer translate all articles into Swedish. Swedish will be used officially when required from us as a state authority, but for our internal communication we will only use English from now on.

We all follow the spread of Covid-19 in Sweden this fall. Let us hope it limits to local outbreaks and that we can cope with those. I wish you all a productive and inspiring fall!

/Petter Höglund

Petter Höglund, Head of department


HR News

Annamaj Stolt is HR supervisor at MedH since 1st of August. Annamaj takes over after Christina Johansson who ended her employment at the department for another job. Annamaj is back after a temporary position as HR Supervisor at Clintec.

We also welcome Ellen Carlsson to MedH! Ellen is new HR partner and has previously worked at Department of Global Public Health. She will work with, among other things, recruitment, employment, work environment and labor law. Ellen will be the contact person for HR issues at: CIM, Gastro and Rheumatology, Endocrine and Heart and Lung Diseases.

Anna Pavlovic will be the contact person for HERM, Metabolism, MCC and Infectious Diseases and Dermatology.

Welcome to contact the HR group at MedH!

Annamaj Stolt, HR Supervisor

Ellen Carlsson, HR Partner

Anna Pavlovic, HR Partner


Economy News

UBW will be updated and closed during the period: Thursday 22 October at 17:00 - Wednesday 28 October 08.00.

During this time, the system will be closed to:
1. To handle invoices (approve and certify)
2. Make e-commerce orders
3. Handle affilations (new affiliations, extension, adjustment)
4. It will not be possible to carry out any financial follow-ups.
Prior to this upgrade, the invoices need to be handled (approved and certified) We would like to ask you to do this on an ongoing basis so that the invoices are certified as of October 21 at 17.00

Thank you!
/Economy group at MedH
Therese, Gulaid, Shamima


MedH part of project to improve the department's internal communication

During the autumn and spring term, the Department of Medicine Huddinge participates in a project on the department management's communication channels and internal communication at the department. The aim is to gain a better understanding of how communication works today and how it can be developed in the future.

"Internal communication is central to all our activities, and it should be characterized as a dialogue rather than a one-way information channel. I am happy that MedH is part of this project, which will help us to move in this direction”, says Petter Höglund.

To find out more about the internal communication we do:

In-depth interviews with Head of department, Head of administration and three Head of divisions. Followed by a workshop. 
Group interview with PI:s
Group interview with staff

The final report and new proposals will be delivered in February 2021
The interviews are held right now and the group interviews are planned to November. When this is finished a current status report will be written and after that a proposal for a new structure of how the channels can be used in in the future. The management team will receive the new proposal in February 2021 and will then decide on which proposals are to be implemented.

"It´s a very exciting project where we get the chance to focus on the internal communication and how we can use our channels more effective", says Emma Karlsson, Communications Officer at MedH.

Emma leads the project for MedH and the whole project leads by the Communications Office. In addition to MedH, MBB and KI central is parts of the project.

Do you want to participate in the project?
Are you a PI or staff at the department and want to get involved? Please contact Emma Karlsson as soon as possible.


Emma Karlsson, Communications Officer


Single Cell Core Facility moves to Neo

Single Cell Core Facility (ScCore) provides expertise and experimental support on single cell technologies for researchers at KI. The facility moves to Neo in November and is converting from a private in-house facility to a full open access, non-profit, KI core facility operating with subsidized user-fees. Michael Vanlandewijck at MedH is the director for ScCore.

Tell us about Single Cell Core Facility, Michael
‒ In spring 2017, the Single Cell Core was created at the Integrated Cardio Metabolic Centre (ICMC) in response to an increased demand from ICMC scientists for single cell sequencing solutions. In light of the increased demand for single cell transcriptomics at KI, the facility is converting from a private in-house facility to a full open access, non-profit, KI core facility operating with subsidized user-fees. The main goal of the Single cell core facility is to provide expertise and experimental support on single cell technologies for researchers at KI, starting with advice on experimental setup and selection of available technology leading all the way up to delivery of clustered single cell data in a format that can be explored by researchers without the need for specialized bioinformatics expertise. Our main expertise is revolving around 384-well based Smart-seq2/3 sequencing, but assistance with single cell data obtained from other platforms is also possible, says Michael Vanlandewijck.

Who can use this facility?
‒ The Single cell core facility is first and foremost a fee-for-service facility dedicated to the scientific user base of the Campus Flemingsberg. Any research project where high resolution profiling of single cells is required can benefit from the technological platform at the core facility. Recently, Drug-seq was also established, which allows researchers to use the vast information obtained from Smart-seq2/3 as an informative readout of drug screening experiments. Finally, the facility houses several small scale pipetting robots that can be used to support the need for small scale ultra-low volume handling.

How can we book it?
‒ Right now, the Single cell core facility is preparing for its move to its new location in Neo in November. After this move, a booking system will be launched where researchers can register their projects. The prioritization of the projects will be done on a first come first served model.

If you have any questions about the Single Cell Core Facility contact Michael at

Michael Vanlandewijck, Director of Single Cell Core Facility


Niklas Björkström is one of three researchers at KI awarded the 2020 ERC Starting Grant

In this ERC-funded project, Niklas Björkström and his team are aiming at understanding the basic mechanisms behind how immune cells become tissue resident. Furthermore, since every organ is unique in its composition, Björkström will also assess how the local microenvironment affects tissue-resident immune cell function.
Read more

Niklas Björkström is also co-applicant to one of the projects that receives project grants from Knut and Alice Wallenbergsstiftelse (KAW). Emma Andersson, CMB, is principal applicant to this project which aims to chart the development of stem cells into different cell types, such as neurons, immune cells and liver cells, and their ability to sometimes be transformed into other cell types than the original in response to injury or disease. Almost SEK143 million in KAW project grants

Niklas Björkström, CIM

MedH Calendar

Halftime control: Valentyna Yasinska
13-10-2020 2:00 pm
Title: New non-invasive biomarkers for clinical phenotyping of asthma and other respiratory diseases"
Venue: Zoom

Halftime control: Jonna Bister, CIM
23-10-2020 9:00 am
"Exploring human uterine immune cell dynamics with a focus on natural killer cells and MAIT cells"
Venue: ANA Futura von Behring

Haltime control: Charlotte Gran
31-10-2020 9:00 am
Title: "Identification of static and dynamic risk factors for plasma cell dyscrasias"
Venue: Jan Åke Gustafssonsalen NEO/Zoom

MedH Calendar

Update your profile page

The website for Karolinska Institutet features "profile pages", a page about you as a KI co-worker. It contains basic contact information, but it can also be extended with more information about your work. This information is shown when someone searches for you at so it´s important to keep the information updated. This is the employee's own responsibility.

More information on how you update your profile page


Local web on KI Staff Portal

Now you can find the department´s local website (intanet) on KI Staff Portal. You find MedH:s site on "local web" from the startpage at You login with your KIID.

On this site you can find local news and events for the department.







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