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A word from the Head of department 

Dear MedH friends!

Our common strategy work MedH 2025 brings us together for the future. Thank you for participating so far with goals and actions. It has been great reading them and starting to reflect on the future they point to. The strategy documents from our units are available on our strategy web page: MedH 2025 | Medarbetarportalen (

The leadership group will now discuss these individual strategies to identify common ground. We expect to finish by the middle of March. After that, the education committee, the research education committee and the central administration will continue with their view. In addition, we want input from all of you. We will soon send out an invitation to take part in focus groups. Begin drafting your motivation letter already now! In June, our new MedH strategy towards 2025 will be launched.

The implementation of a new 6 year medical curriculum and the new online individual study plans (ISP) for doctoral students are in focus right now, among other things. I hope you will find the information on education and doctoral education in this newsletter interesting and useful.

Most of us still wait for our first vaccine shot and heard immunity is still many months away. We all work hard to maintain activity despite restrictions, but the new normal will eventually come. Novel routines for digital interactions will help us to develop efficient, cost-effective and safe working habits for even better productivity. KI centrally is working actively with this:
Tomorrow´s workplace - a review | Medarbetare ( If you see improvements and modifications of premises you think may be helpful, let me know.

MedH HR recently hosted a zoom meeting with KI health promotion team. The full services of KI health promotion was presented, including yoga and gym sessions and a lot of info on training and ergonomics. I recommend you all to visit the KI health promotion site Health Promotion | Medarbetare ( and look for yourself. It is a great resource that KI provides, and all for free!

I have been approached by KI innovation who wants to give our department a specific attention this spring. By separately containing all PI, they hope for open discussions on your projects’ innovation potentials. MedH is very good at translational science, but the step after this need to be strengthened to implement our findings towards novel drugs. Take this chance when you are approached.

Finally, congratulations to Sara Gredmark-Russ to a consolidator grant from VR for virus research and Soo Aleman for a Covid vaccine grant from KAW! A great start of the year! Good luck all who applies from major granting agencies this spring. I stand by to deliver signatures and recommendation letters when you need them!

Best regards,

Petter Höglund, Head of department


Economy News

Welcome to MedH Johanna Sandelius and Sara Ceven!

Johanna Sandelius is new Head of finance at MedH and takes over after Therese Lind who starts a new position at KI. Johanna starts at MedH 3rd of May 2021.

What are you most looking forward to in your new role?
"There are many things I look forward to! I believe in making a difference on a larger scale. By being a part of the administrative support at the department and make sure to have the finances in order, I feel that I am contributing to the research and therefore better health for all. But first and foremost, I look forward to meeting everyone in the department. I am curious and eager to learn more and I strongly believe I will do so at MedH." says Johanna Sandelius.

Where have you worked before?
“I have worked at KI since 2009. Most recently I come from the Department of Global Public Health where I have been working as a financial manager. “

What will your main tasks be as Head of finance?
“My main responsibility is to lead the finance team and together with Shamima and Sara support the researchers and the department management in financial matters. I will work broadly with everything from the budget in the research groups and make financial statements to support the management in strategic matters. I think the most important task in my role is to be available for everyone in the department. Every question is equally important to me so you can always feel comfortable reaching out with any question or concern you may have. Together we will find a solution."

What do you like to do in your free time?
“My happy place is with my family and spending time with our friends. I have always loved music and culture. So when I have the time I appreciate going to a good concert or theater. And I really enjoy reading a good book.“
Read this interview at the MedH Staff Portal


Johanna Sandelius, new Head of finance at MedH.


Sara Ceven will start as Financial officer at MedH in January 2021. She takes over after Gulaid Ismail.

What kind of work will you do?
"I will follow up financial projects and support the research groups at MedH so they can focus on their research. I will also work with purchasing-related issues and overall financial administration, both at department and research group level." says Sara Ceven.

What do you look forward to working with here?
"I look forward to deepening and improving my existing knowledge in financial follow-up and at the same time discovering new ways of working to achieve set goals together with the researchers. I also look forward to new challenges, to learning more about the research areas at MedH and getting to know new people. MedH is a growing department and I look forward to contribute with my part."

What’s your previous work experiences?
"I'm most recently from the Department of Laboratory Medicine, where I have worked with both accounting and purchasing since 2012. I have administered research and education projects. Prior to that, I worked at KI's central finance department in Solna, where I supported the departments, established new routines and participated in the year-end work for the entire institute. I have previous experience in the banking sector and the service industry."
Read this interview at MedH Staff Portal


Sara Ceven, new Financial officer at MedH.


Salary revision 2021

After central negotiations within the government area the new revision date will be 1 April. Performance management dialogues can start by the end of next week.

Employees who are members of Saco-S or unorganized will have a dialog where salary is discussed. The salary is set in the dialog and then paid out when the salary is set for all Saco-S or unorganized employees at the department. For any disagreeable members of Saco-S, the salaries are negotiated separately and paid out when all disagreements are negotiated.

For employees who are members of OFR/S, P, O and SEKO, salary is not to be mentioned in the dialog. Instead, the salary is negotiated between the unions and the employer and is paid out when the salary negotiations are finalized for all members of OFR/S, P, O and SEKO at KI.

Wage compensation at KI is regulated by three central wage agreements between the Swedish Agency for Government Employers and the respective unions, Saco-S, OFR/S, P, O and SEKO.


News from MedH´s Doctoral education

Electronic system for Individual Study Plans (ISP)
Since 1st of February 2021 MedH is using the electronic system for Individual Study Plans (ISP). Our goal is that all PhD Students will have an electronic ISP by the end of 2021. Newly accepted PhD Students, together with their supervisors, will start using the electronic system directly when the ISP is to be established.

For those PhD Students who have an “old” IPS ISP that needs to be transferred to the electronic system, they shall together with their supervisors wait for instructions from MedH´s educations administrator Ulrika Markne.

Application period for KID funding
The application period to apply for KID funding is open: February 15 – March 15. Remember to apply for a Green Light, which needs to be submitted together with the KID-application. The Green Light application must be received by Ulrika Markne no later than the 3rd of March.


Mattias Svensson, Director of Doctoral education.


News from Medh´s undergraduate education

Agneta Månsson-Broberg, Departmental Director of Education, reports that despite the pandemic situation and an increased number of students, the courses at the Medical Program at MedH are running as planned. Also the practical training (VFU) for the Medical Program has been implemented as planned during this semester.

Journal Club at MedH
To meet the interest in educational development, MedH Education will start a Pedagogic Journal Club at 8.30-9.00 on selected Fridays, schedule and links will be posted on the website!
MedH´s website


Agneta Månsson-Broberg, Departmental Director of Education

MedH Calendar

Halftime control: Filip Segerberg, HERM
26-02-2021 09:00 am
Title: "Improving NK cell-based immunotherapy by cellular migration and immune checkpoint inhibition pathways"
Venue: Zoom

Dissertation: Luca Mazzurana, CIM
26-02-2021 09:30 am
Title: "Innate lymphoid cell plasticity and heterogeneity in human tissues"
Venus: Zoom

Dissertation: Akhirunnesa Mily, CIM
19-03-2021 10:00 am
Title "Immunopathogenesis in pulmonary tuberculosis: impact of immunomodulation and diabetes co-morbidity"
Venue: Zoom
MedH Calendar

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