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NUMBER 3 2021


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Dear MedH friends!

With this newsletter, we leave spring behind and look forward to summer. I hope all of you will find time for relaxation with friends and family. We certainly need this after a spring with covid-19 uncertainty and expectations for vaccination invitations to show up. In the fall, KI will return to more normal conditions with students returning to campus to a large extent. This is happy news, but let us not relax too much yet…
Take continuous care and please read KI:s updates and guidelines.

Latest news on the MedH 2025 Strategy

What has made me very happy during the spring is the dedicated way by which you have all helped to move our MedH 2025 strategy work further! Six focus groups have been formed with six to eight participants in each group, chaired by an experienced member of our faculty. On the MedH 2025 Strategy page you can read about the focus group topics and find out who chairs each group. Don’t hesitate to contact the group chairs to give input or ask questions. All groups are working actively over summer and in early September we expect the groups to deliver their goals and activities. After this, I and the Management group will join the discussion, and together we will synthesize a unifying strategy for MedH. We expect to launch it in mid fall followed by a party!

Updated MedH Newsletter

As perhaps you can see with this issue, the MedH Newsletter layout and content has been updated under the lead of our new Communications Officer Amalia Kewenter. One new feature is 'Meet a MedH staff member', which we hope you will find enjoyable. We want to highlight different people and perspectives at MedH and will interview a co-worker at the department in every newsletter. We will also ask your unit heads for new publications and be more regular in highlighting our scientific progress. As before, we will also try to publish interesting short articles from our staff, presentations of new co-workers, facilities and initiatives in each issue. If you have something you would like to feature in MedH News, please contact Amalia.

I wish you all a warm and sunny summer!

/Head of Department, Petter Höglund



The hybrid workplace

With the covid-19 pamdemic we all had to speed up our digital knowledge and so has KI and MedH. During four months in 2020 and 2021, KI has reviewed its operations in order to adapt to the digital future (which you could say is already here). The new KI 'Hybrid workplace' is directly associated with Strategy 2030, and the work for a more flexible workplace is now being implemented down the organisation. On the KI Staff page you find KI:s instructions for the new and flexible approach to work. At MedH we have initiated the new KI policies starting with the Central Administration at C2:94. From September 20th, attendance for administrative staff at the office in Huddinge will be obligatory on Wednesdays. The new routines will be evaluated after three months.

"It´s not how many hours you put in
- It´s what you put in the hours"

Open position as Professor in Tissue Immunology at MedH

MedH is currently offering a position as Professor in Tissue Immunology, see the advertisment to learn more.


Leadership during summer

Acting Head of Department, MedH

Anna Norrby-Teglund*
Week 26, 27

Eva Hellström Lindberg*
Week 28, 29

Acting Head of Administration, MedH

Johanna Sandelius
Week 28, 29, 30, 32, 33

*NOTE! Acting Head of Department will only handle e-signing with some delay during these weeks


Visit the MedH staff portal for the vacation list for MedH administraton and Acting Head of Dept.


News from the Economy Department

It’s very important that you approve your invoices before July 1st since the financial accounts are closing for the half year. If you´re not handling your invoices during vacation, please contact the MedH Economy Department to add your substitute for the first time in the system. Remember to plan your purchases and use existing frame agreements, help with procurements is not possible during summer vacation.

The MedH Economy Department will be on vacation during the weeks 29-30. For very urgent matters these weeks, please contact our colleague at BioNut. During the other summer weeks one of the MedH:s financial officers will be available.



Undergraduate education

The spring term has come to an end and we wish all our students and teachers a relaxing summer! The first students of the new six-year Medical Program will start at KI this fall. We are preparing to receive our first group at MedH VT2023.

Student activation is central and to support the learning process, Team Based Learning (TBL) is introduced and will be widely used within the new program. Many of us (including Petter!) participated in an interesting workshop and introduction on TBL recently, held by Professor Greger Lindberg. Visit the Teaching and learning (TL) portal on the KI staff page to learn more about TBL and other pedagogic methods.

We will continue with our Pedagogic Journal Club at MedH every first Friday of the month, please feel welcome to join! Detailed program will be presented on the MedH Undergraduate webpage in August.

/Agneta Månsson Broberg, Departmental Director of Education MedH


Postgraduate education

The results from the Exit Poll for Doctoral students at KI between 2017-2020 have now been compiled into a report. Since 2008 all newly graduated doctoral students at KI are invited to submit an Exit Poll survey of their experiences of doctoral education. The newly published report show positive trends, but also some challenges and potential for improvement. The report is reviewed as part of the ongoing discussions in the MedH 2025 Strategy focus groups.

Doctoral students and Supervisors are encouraged to carry out annual follow-ups to review and discuss progress, possibilities for improvement and future activities.



The latest news regarding research at MedH can be found on
Visit the site regularly for updates. If you have a news tip, please contact





Clinical Assistant

Research group:

Eva Hellström Lindberg Lab Group @Hematologi/HERM

Time at MedH:

Since Jan 2021, PhD registration Sept 2020.

MedH staff page
for information on how to get interviewed

What is your role at MedH?

My role includes a variety of tasks like coordinating different teaching activities, practical and written examination and hands on education. As a part of the course management team I also collaborate with other hospitals and functions in order to improve the medical education.

Why did you want to become a Clinical Assistant?

Ever since I started working as a medical doctor at the Karolinska University Hospital, I've had a goal of combining work in the clinic with education and research. This combination helps my professional development as well as gives added value to the hospital, KI and ultimately the patients.

What is the best part of your job?

The mix of hands on teaching activities and strategic educational work is both challenging and intellectually stimulating. The role is also flexible which allows me to combine research and education. Furthermore, I have to say that the team around me is a strong contributing factor of why I enjoy coming to work every day. To be surrounded by colleagues that are nice and also passionate about what they do is a vital part of a stimulating job environment.

What are your interests/hobbies?

In my spare time I really like to read, mostly novels. At the moment I'm reading Steve Sem-Sandberg’s book “W”. I also like to spend time with my family.

What will you do this summer?

I’m planning to travel to Österlen this summer with my family. This is the fourth summer we go there, and I have to say that it is one of the most beautiful places in Sweden!



KI templates in PowerPoint and Word

To simplify the use of KI templates and the KI graphic rules, a new feature enables you to choose the templates directly in Office 365. Examples of templates are presentations and collection of logos like Karolinska Institutet and Karolinska University Hospital.

Visit KI Staff portal to find out more



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