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Dear MedH friends!

Welcome to a new issue of our Newsletter, which I start with a question: What does this newsletter mean to you? Does it repeat what you know or does it fill a gap? Let me or Amalia know your thoughts. We always welcome suggestions and contributions. With this issue, we are also launching a competition where you have the chance to help shaping another platform for information: MedH:s external web. We are updating it and looking for new and creative photos for all pages, as replacements for some of the generic images that KI supplies.
Always wanted to be recognized as a photographer? - Here’s your chance!

Latest news on the MedH 2025 Strategy

The strategy work continues with the six focus groups working on our prioritized strategy areas. Their final work will be discussed at a two day retreat in late September, in which the focus Group Chairs will participate together with the MedH Management Group. Our final strategy report will emanate from these discussions. By the way, the report will also need photos. The photos you submit in the competition, might also end up in the report!

Update yourself on the strategy on the MedH 2025 Strategy page

New information regarding covid-19 restrictions at KI

Society is finally returning back to normal. This week the government announced an end, in practical terms, of the covid-19 restrictions in Sweden. KI has updated its information on this topic. We are still expected to wash hands and stay home when sick, but that's good. Let’s make this routine part of our natural behavior in the future. A beneficial consequence will be the reduced spread of common cold, seasonal flu and other endemic virus infections that usually haunt us in the winter season!

Have a great end of the week! Best regards,

/Head of Department, Petter Höglund



MedH 2025 strategy

We are now starting a new exciting semester with several challenges and opportunities. From the Central Administration's perspective, we are excited to see what our joint MedH 2025 Strategy will mean in terms of the common goals the department will adopt ahead. Joining the discussions out in the research groups, the administration team will be taking part in the strategy work and identify areas we will work with. Hopefully we can all contribute to a positive approach to the strategy for the wole department!

Updates on the Workplace of the future – The hybrid workplace

In the last newsletter I wrote about the workplace of the future, the so-called "hybrid workplace" and what it means for the Central Administration at MedH. It's now decided that we will start following the new guidelines on October 1st, and evaluate this after three months.

If you wish to know more about what the guidelines mean for MedH, you are welcome to contact me or read more about this new way of working at the KI Staff Portal.

/Head of Administration, Klas Karlsson


Photo competition - get your photos published at!

We are updating the MedH external web pages and we need YOU! The winner will get their photo(s) published on the MedH external web and also have the chance to get featured in other MedH material. We are looking for the following;

1. A new header for the MedH landing page that captures the 'essence' of MedH.
2. Photos from different MedH areas; research environment, people, location photos etc.

Send your photo(s) to MedH Newsletter editor

Contest guidelines

Deadline October 13
For header photo; high resolution (at least 2400 px width). Other photos max 780 px
JPEG or PNG format
​​​Good light, contrast and focus
Written consent of people photographed
The copyright holder of the image (photographer or source)


Undergraduate education

To present and future supervisors for medical students

We encourage all PI:s that are interested in supervising a medical student and have a suitable project, to contact Jeanette Danielsson, Education officer at MEB. Answer the questions by email and Jeanette will upload possible degree projects in the Project database.

Deadline for the students project proposals is October 20

o Research field (very short)
o Name of supervisor + Mail + Phone
o Department at KI & Clinic (if applicable)
o Research profile in general, max 100 words
oType of project
o Link to webpage and/or KI´s page "staff” (voluntary)


Postgraduate education

To supervisors and doctoral students - we would like to draw your attention that several documents concerning doctoral education at Karolinska Institutet have been updated. We would also like to highlight the importance of always using the most recent form or document.
Please, always check the KI staff page wwhenever you need a form or document



KIB lunch time presentations on open science databases

During the autumn term, the university library, KIB is holding five 30-minute lunchtime presentations (in Zoom) on open science databases for doctoral students and researchers in pre-clinical and translational research.



Upcoming presentation September 14:

Workshop on how to search for

litterature for your

half-time review, thesis or next publication


All presentations are found in the KI Calendar



(former Pavlovic)


HR partner


Central Administration,
Huddinge, C9

Time at MedH:

Since April 2019

What is your role at MedH?

A large part of my work as HR-partner is to to give support to our research groups and employees in personnel related issues. My main tasks include supporting managers in recruitment, work environment, labour law and salary issues. I also help employees with issues regarding their employment, sick leave, vacation, salary and so on.

Why did you want to work with HR?

I have always wanted to help people grow and develop, and I also thrive in an international environment with many areas of responsibility. Before this, I worked mainly with recruitment, but I quite quickly realized that I wanted to work in a broader HR role. When the position at MedH was made available, I didn't hesitate to apply, and that's the best decision I've made!

What is the best part of your job?

I get the opportunity to work with the development of MedH from a HR perspective. Even though HR is only a small part of what MedH does, it's a very important part of our organizational development since the employees are MedH:s most important resource. I am driven by the opportunity here at MedH to support all staff and managers, and I'm incredibly happy to be part of a department where everyone is passionate about their work!

What are your interests/hobbies?

In my spare time I like to meet my friends and family over dinner, or to spend my time in nature with my husband and dog.



Update your profile page to get noticed!

An updated KI profile page will make it easier for external visitors and MedH colleagues to get in touch with the right person and competence.

Update your KI profile page today A small effort that makes a big difference!

At the KI Staff portal you find a full guide. Contact MedH:s Communications Officer if you need help.

Remember that your profile page is often the first hit when someone is searching for your name online!



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