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Dear MedH friends!

A life without Covid-19 restrictions lies ahead, which is good news, but care must be taken as virus spread is still high. Our president Ole Petter Ottersen has reflected on the new situation is his latest blog post. Normal routines are back at KI for teaching and research with campus-based activities in the center. Speak to your group leader and your unit head for the latest information. As usual, visit the the KI web to get the latest updates.

With restrictions gone, we can also start to travel again. Research is about collaborations, personal relations and sharing ideas, and we need to meet physically to be at our best as scientists. Nevertheless, digital meetings save time and are more environmentally friendly. Let’s therefore travel with consideration in the future. We should also successively get back to physical seminars with possibilities to attend online.

Novo Nordisk has donated 21 MSek over 6 years to MedH to facilitate the recruitment of a professor of clinical diabetology. This will give a boost to our work in diabetes and metabolism research. Other areas of our translational research could potentially be targeted by similar initiatives.

As we finalize the strategy document, a new date for a launch mingle will soon be decided. Keep your eyes open and in the meantime, enjoy brighter days and the upcoming spring!

/Head of Department, Petter Höglund



News in ANA Futura and Neo

Ahead of the financial year 2022, Petter Höglund is the new Chairman of the Steering Committee at ANA Futura.
Anna Norrby-Teglund and Klas Karlsson are other representatives from MedH in the steering group.

Congratulations to Elisabeth Raschperger, who has been appointed new Manager of Neo! In a short interview in this newsletter, you can learn about her new role. Together with the board of directors at Neo, Elisabeth will lead the service group which consists of; Johan Dethlefsen, Dawud Nantor and Petri Köttö.
Håkan Ottosson is new work environment coordinator at Neo.


Congratulations to Marcus Buggert for the ERC starting grant

A big congratulations to Marcus Buggert at CIM who was awarded the prestigious ERC Starting Grant for his research on human cell-mediated immunity against virus diseases. Marcus is awarded EUR 1.5 million over a period of five years for his project TRACE.


Get help with your purchases!

I'd like to remind you about the Central Purchasing Coordinator (CIS) group.
The group at KI South provides support to MedH on all questions regarding purchase and public procurement.

Feel free to contact our colleagues Sanna Martini and Richard Sköld at CIS to see how they can help you! They are jointly responsible for Campus Syd, the Library (KIB) and Teaching & Learning.

/Head of Administration, Klas Karlsson


New Manager at Neo - Elisabeth Raschperger

Welcome Elisabeth! Tell us about your new role!

As Manager I will be responsible for strategic and operational issues, to optimize premises and resource utilization as well as coordinating support and service for Neo's research groups. I will receive project assignments from the Neo Steering group, and I must ensure that available resources are used efficiently based on the needs of Neo's research groups. In addition, I represent Neo at meetings regarding activities in the building and tenant meetings arranged by Hemsö and KI Fastigheter, as well as meetings with other external actors.

How can MedH staff reach you?

Easiest way to come in contact with me is via e-mail:
You can also visit me at my office in Neo on floor 8, room 8521.



Undergraduate education

New course - KlinSim pedagogy

KlinSim pedagogy 1 (KlinSim pedagogik 1) is a course for instructors and supervisors. The purpose of the course is to deepen the pedagogical knowledge of educators in health care.

Visit the KI Staff portal to find out more and read the news article about the coruse (in Swedish only).


Would you like to supervise a medical student during the fall semester 2022?

To all previous and present supervisors at MedH – 17 of March is deadline for the students to report their degree project in medicine for Autumn 2022.

If you have a suitable project and are looking for a student, you can fill out the form at with your contact information and a brief project description. Email the form to the responsible Education Officer who will upload the project in the project database available for students.


Grand Round seminar series is back again

After a long period of time due to the pandemic, the popular Grand Round seminar series arranged by MedH is back! First round is March 9th. Stay tuned for the program for the spring semester, dates and information will be published at (in Swedish).



NovoNordisk is sponsoring MedH with 21MSEK

MedH has signed an agreement with NovoNordisk, that will be financing a new professorship in Clinical Diabetes. The external donation of 21MSEK will cover the professorship for 6 years. A recruitment group is appointed to identify applicants for the position, with the goal of having a new professor in place by the first half of 2023. The funding from NovoNordisk is a great opportunity for MedH, and especially important when it comes to the development of a new Translational Center for Metabolism at KI South. Professor Mikael Rydén, at the Endocrinology Unit/MedH says:

"We are very excited about the possibility to recruit a strong academic representative in clinical diabetology. Together with the existing groups at MedH, this can lead to strong synergistic effects for translational research in the cardiometabolic field".


CIMED announces project grants for 2023-2025

The CIMED project grants are for clinical and translational research projects at Campus Flemingsberg. All researchers with activities linked to any of the departments at Campus Flemingsberg can apply.

More information can be found on CIMED's website and on Region Stockholm's research web.
Call is open between 11 January 2022 to March 1, 2022, at 16:00.


Synthetic embryology – Clinical opportunities and ethical dilemmas 
KI South Ethics Symposium 2022

When: March 30 at 8:00-16:00
Location: See the KI Calendar

Registration required!

Lectures by world-leading scientists will be followed by discussions about scientific possibilities, absence of clear regulations on emerging technologies and ethical dilemmas.


Sweden Innovation Days 2022

Sweden Innovation Days 2022 by Vinnova was a free four-day, global digital event, dedicated to fostering international collaboration. The digital event on January 17-20, focused on what changes we need to make in order to achieve the UN’s Global Goals. We need to innovate how we innovate!

Visit Sweden Innovation Days to take part of the interesting lectures and conversations.




Research Administrator


Center for Hematology and Regenerative Medicine (HERM)

Time at MedH:

4 yrs. approx.

What is your role at MedH?

I work with administration at HERM, where I'm also PA for Eva Hellström Lindberg and Yenan Bryceson. I'm also MedH:s environment and sustainability representative, and health ambassador. Welcome to join my step class on Thursdays in the KI gym, when classes are allowed again!

Why did you want to become a Research Administrator?

After my PhD, I realised research was a bit too competitive for me, so I left KI and opened a kids’ toy store in Norrtälje. But eventually I started missing science. Now I feel I'm in the right place, as I help with research without actually having to do the lab work and compete for the grants!

What is the best part of your job?

It's the mix of people from different parts of the world, all coming together to try to solve medical problems, cure disease and save lives!

What are your interests/hobbies?

I sing in a choir (Gustavsbergs vokalensemble), mostly classical music. In the spring, if the pandemic allows, we will perform chosen parts of Mass in b-minor and Magnificat by JS Bach. I also love horses! I used to have one of my own when I was younger but now I only ride once a week.

Your best sustainability tips?

Buy less stuff. Buy used stuff. Mend broken stuff. Don’t burn fossil fuel. Eat less meat.

You can read an interview with Sara about her role as MedH:s environment and sustainability representative at the MedH Staff page.



KI web course: Getting Started with the SDGs!

Learn more about the Agenda 2030, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and how each of us can contribute!

The course offered by KI includes activities, videos, quizzes and discussions.

You find the web course at the KI Staff Portal/Sustainable Development



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