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NUMBER 2 2022


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Dear MedH friends!

On June 9th, our final MedH 2025 strategy was communicated. Many of you visited the strategy launch open house to look at the posters, eat cake and discuss our common future. Thank you for coming and for all input!

Two actions to reach our strategic goals are underway; one is to create a mentoring program for younger scientists at MedH. Providing a framework for career navigation is necessary. KI is a complex organization and mentoring is needed to make the right moves. This is not the least important for clinical scientists, but the program will focus on all early career researchers. Jenny Mjösberg leads this working group and will collaborate with Jesper Bäckdahl, Johanna Ungerstedt and Ying Shang.

In all surveys and in our strategy work, the importance of meetings is emphasized. Another action is to focus on platforms for scientific and social interactions. This working group is led by Niklas Björkström, also including Karolina Szummer, Christina Carlander and Niklas Mejhert. Many seminar series are already established at MedH, and they must continue and be made more visible. Additional activities such as thematic afternoons, interdisciplinary method meetings and ethical discussion groups should also be discussed.

Research integrity, open science, quality assurance and documentation are key aspects of MedH's development. Many of us are pointing in this direction. This is a trend at KI and in Sweden and MedH should lead the way.

Meetings are not only essential for research discussions but also for social interactions, which is included in this group’s task. We need to get to know each other better and talk about other things than science. This makes us use our full potential as coworkers. Additional actions will be implemented in the coming year. Closing the gap beteeen education and research and promoting activities to strengthen our work environments are next in line.
You are all needed. Let me know what you want to do to facilitate the implementation of our strategy, and I will make sure you can be involved!

Thank you for all your hard work so far this year. I wish you all a relaxing summer and see you again with new energy in the fall!

/Head of Department, Petter Höglund

And one more thing...

Check out the MedH staff page - it's made for you!

Stay informed about what's happening at MedH and KI! For important information and calendar events - check the MedH Staff page regularly!
All KI staff have communication responsibilities and should stay up to date.


Watch seminar with Friends about the inclusive workplace

Earlier this year there was a seminar with the organization Friends about how to create a more inclusive workplace. The presentation is available as a video recording on the MedH staff page at



Changes in HR administration

Annamaj will go on parental leave, starting from Midsummer and Ellen Carlsson will be replacing her as Head of HR. To fill in for Ellen, we have Cecilia Betnér who starts as MedH:s new HR-Partner on August 10.


Changes in routines in sick leave and Termination of employment

The new routine for reporting sick leave or termination of employment, is that you do it yourself in PA-webben. Check the KI Staff pages If you get sick and Termination of employment.


Happy summer!

I would just like to wish you all a nice summer and welcome you back in the fall with new exciting challenges. Take care and enjoy your vacation!

And a tip!

You can find a list of the MedH Administration availability for the summer 2022 on the KI staff portal.

Summer greetings! /Head of Administration, Klas Karlsson


Leadership during summer

Acting Head of Department*

Week 26: Anna Norrby-Teglund (CIM)

Week 27-29: Petter Höglund

Week 30: Eva Hellström Lindberg (HERM)

Acting Head of Administration

Week 27, 29, 31, 32: Johanna Sandelius

* Acting Head of Department is working remotely but available during these dates.

You find all contact details for the Central Administration at


Economy news

Due to closing the financial books of the half year, the MedH finance unit, kindly ask you to approve your invoices before July 1st.
If you're not handling your invoices during vacation, please contact us to add your substitute for the first time in the system.
Remember to plan your purchases and use existing frame agreements, help with procurements is not possible during summer.

The MedH finance unit is on vacation during weeks 29-30. For very urgent matters, please contact during these weeks. Otherwise you are always welcome to contact us directly on:



Congratulations to our new docents at MedH!

Mattias Carlsten (HERM) - docent in hematology.

Daniel P Andersson (Endocrinology) - docent in endocrinology.

Jonas Sundén-Cullberg (CIM), docent in Infectious Disease Medicine.


Medicinvetarna #96 with Peter Arner from Endocrinology

In the latest episode of the Karolinska Institutet podcast Medicinvetarna (in Swedish),
you can isten to Professor Peter Arner when he speaks about how obesity and how fat cells and fat works. It's a very interesting episode, so don't miss out! The podcast also features other interesting interviews with MedH researchers.

Read more about Peter Arner at


Collaboration in science conference, October 6-7, 2022

KI Campus South and Karolinska University Hospital Huddinge are rranging a research conference in Neo.

The aim with the conference is to stimulate collaboration and spread knowledge on experimental, translational and clinical research. There will be a mingle, a poster and a core facilities exhibition and also a session on education.

Registration is open until September 9th!


2nd SFO StratRegen Conference 2022, October 13-14, 2022 at Yasuragi

SFO StratRegen is organizing its 2nd conference. The purpose is to gather expertise on stem cells regeneration biology and regenerative medicine from Karolinska Institutet to showcase the most recent findings, and to discuss scientific as well as technological advances.

The registration is open until June 30th!

Registration before June 30 is free of charge (registration fee, accommodation, and meals).



Undergraduate education

Welcome to MedH:s new Educational administrator Josefine Berg

We wish to introduce Josefine Berg, our new Educational administrator! Josefine started at MedH on June 7 and is located at C2:94. She will mainly work with the new medical program (Läkarprogrammet) together with Karin Sendek and our GUA Agneta Månsson Broberg.

Read the interview with Josefine on the MedH staff portal!


Courses in Team Based Learning (TBL) - autumn 2022

UoL (Undervisning och lärande/Teaching and learning) is offering online courses on Team Based Learning -TBL within the Medical program (Läkarprogrammet). Next course starts August 31st. Register here!


Doctoral education

Congratulations to the MedH doctoral students that defended their thesis this semester!

Doctoral student: Jesper Bäckdahl (Endocrinology) Main Supervisor: Mikael Rydén
Thesis: Studies on the links between white adipose tissue phenotype and the circulatory system

Doctoral student: Renata Vernaite (CIM) Main Supervisor: Sara Gredmark Russ
Thesis: Adaptive immune responses to tick-borne encephalitis virus and SARS-CoV-2

Doctoral student: Tyler Sandberg (CIM) Main Supervisor: Hans-Gustaf Ljunggren
Thesis: B cell responses to human flavivirus vaccination and SARS-CoV-2 infection

Doctoral student: Chistina Savva (Endocrinology) Main Supervisor: Korach-André, Marion
Thesis: Maternal obesity and offspring metabolic outcomes: focus on sex differences

Doctoral student: Göran Wålinder (HERM) Main Supervisor: Hareth Nahi
Thesis: Plasma cell malignancies in Sweden : subgroup descriptions and regional outcomes for multiple myeloma

Doctoral student: Stina Virding Culleton (HERM) Main Supervisor: Petter Woll
Thesis: Characterization and targeting of leukemia propagating cells

Doctoral student: Georgios Vavilis (Heart and lung diseases Unit) Main Supervisor: Karolina Szummer
Thesis: Implications of Chronic Kidney Disease on presentation, treatment and
outcomes in patients with Aortic Stenosis

Doctoral student: Magnus Holmer (Gastroenterology and Rheumatology Unit) Main Supervisor: Per Stål
Thesis: Aspects of diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease
Doctoral student: Elza Evren
(CIM) Main Supervisor: Tim Willinger
Thesis: Origin and ontogeny of human lung macrophages

Emelie Barreby (CIM) will defend her thesis 2022-06-17.



Research support & services - new webpage!

On the newly launched webpage Research Support & Services at you find useful information about planning and conducting research and guides to services and support offered by KI.

Here you can find information about collaboration and innovation, legal issues, funding and economy and research data management and much more!


Short and useful course on the KI brand for all employees

It is up to everyone; staff and students to take care of and develop the shared asset of ours that is the KI brand.

There is now a quick web course that gives you a overview of KI:s brand. In a few short sessions you learn more about the use of the KI name, logo, fonts and colours.

Read more about the KI brand at the Brand platform page



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