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Number 3, 2022


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Dear MedH friends!

Albeit a bit late, I nevertheless wish to welcome you all back to the autumn semester. I hope you all had a good summer vacation and that your work in all aspects have started out well.

As you remember, our MedH 2025 strategy was launched in June and we continue to work with the next steps to make sure we create action plans to help us reach our goals. Two groups have been active over the summer, one is working on a mentoring program for younger scientists at MedH, and the other group is focusing on our platforms for scientific and social interactions. The results of these two projects will be discussed this week in the MedH management group. As soon as they have been finalized, they will be made public and rapidly implemented (after your feedback of course).

Jenny Mjösberg has led the mentoring group, and I am very pleased to also welcome Jenny as a Professor in tissue immunology! You can read more about Jenny and her research later in the newsletter, and in an interview. Along with her basic research, Jenny will take over after Barbro Dahlén as Head of the clinical research platform at the lung clinic. We will come back to this platform soon and let Jenny develop her thoughts for the future. Congratulations to your professorship Jenny!

A MedH towards increased environment awareness and sustainability

Last week, I took part in a discussion around the environmental work at our department, what we do now and, more importantly, what we can do in the future to better support KI:s central environment policy and our own strategy towards increased sustainability. We have an undeveloped potential to do more at MedH, with rather small means we can achieve much more. Luckily, this belief is shared by MedH:s Environment and sustainability representative Sara von Bahr Grebäck. Following our discussion, I suggested she could lead a new activity for our strategy; towards increased environment awareness and sustainability. Together with interested colleagues (let her know if you want to contribute), she will form a group projecting into the future. Sara is interviewed in this newsletter and online.

Sustainable development goals.

As the political landscape in Sweden is being reshaped, much is also up for change at KI right now. There will be a new President since Ole Petter Ottersen retires in March 2023. Following an internal round of advisory voting between two candidates, the KI council of representatives (Hörandeförsamlingen) sent a clear message to the board of KI (Konsistoriet), that last week decided to suggest to the Swedish Government to appoint our current Vice President for education Annika Östman Wernersson as our new President. Congratulations Annika! We look forward to an exciting future at KI under your leadership!

Many other collegial positions at KI are also up for change. Vice Presidents for research, education and doctoral education for the coming period have been elected, and a new Vice President (prorektor) to lead KI together with the president is next in turn. A University Director (universitetsdirektör) is being recruited to replace Katarina Bjelke who left to lead the Swedish research Council. We will thus enter 2023 with a new leadership at KI, creating challenges but also opportunities for change and development. Good luck with your work!

Best regards/Head of Department, Petter Höglund

Check out the MedH staff page - it's made for you!

Stay informed about what's happening at MedH and KI! Check the MedH Staff page regularly!



Johanna Sandelius is Acting Head of Administration

I'm happy to share the great news that our Head of administration Klas Karlsson is now Deputy Director of planning (tillförordnad planeringsdirektör) at KI. This important assignment started September15 until a new University Director (universitetsdirektör) is appointed. During this period, I will be Acting Head of administration at MedH. It's an honour to be given this assignment and I'm grateful for the department's trust in me. I'm also excited to take on this new role and get the chance to work with a big variety of questions at MedH. I'm looking forward to an interesting fall together with all of you!

Warm autumn greetings! /Acting Head of administration, Johanna Sandelius


Ellen Carlsson is Acting HR-manager

Since June, MedH:s Head of HR Annamaj Stolt is on parental leave and Ellen Carlsson is covering for her.


Mikael Rydén is the new Chair of Neo steering group

Since August, MedH has the charmainship for the Neo steering group. Professor Mikael Rydén from the Endocrinology Unit is the new Chair and Amalia Kewenter is taking the Neo steering group protocols.


MedH:s finances will be reviewed

Riksrevisionen (the Swedish National Audit Office) will visit MedH this fall and review the finances regarding executive and professional education and commissioned research. If you have questions regarding this, please contact


Campus IT Support opens in the ANA 8 building

KI Campus IT Support is now open in the reception in ANA Futura on floor 7. You are welcome to visit during the drop-in times to get help with your IT related issues.

The service desk is open: Monday to Friday 09.00-15.00.


Salary review 2022 is soon here (info for employees)

During the autumn 2022 KI will conduct a salary review. Employees covered by the salary review will have a (mandatory) performance management dialog 2. The first meetings for management dialog 2 are planned to start in October.


Introductory day for international staff goes digital

Check out the KI Staff portal to find information about upcoming online meetings for new international staff at KI.


Let's work towards a more sustainable MedH

Recently there was an external environment and sustainability audit (miljörevision) at MedH. While waiting for the report, Sara von Bahr Grebäck, MedH:s Environment and sustainability representative shares some ideas on how we can become a more sustainable department:

Reduce the use of single-use items.
Travel by train instead of flying.

Read the article with Sara to know more about how you can contribute to a more sustainable MedH!



Jenny Mjösberg new Professor at KI

Congratulations to Jenny Mjösberg at CIM who has been appointed Professor of tissue immunology at KI. The position is planned to include a 20 percent position as Director of the clinical lung- and allergy research unit at the Karolinska University Hospital. On October 13 she will be presented at the KI Installation ceremony.

What are your objectives as Professor?

"I want to contribute to MedH:s work in several ways, above all through continued good research in intestinal and lung immunity. It's also exciting to follow up the work around the MedH 2025 strategy.

At CIM I also participate in teaching and giving lectures. We actively need to attract students to our unit and create a better structured interaction with undergraduate project students. This way we can present our research projects to the students and get them better involved in our activity.

Jenny Mjösberg, CIM
Photo: Ulf Sirborn

What's the best part of your job?

"I can be creative and do many different things. I get to work with young people with great potential who are motivated and passionate about what they do; together we can ask big and difficult research questions".

Read the full interview with Jenny on the MedH Staff portal.


Jennifer Härdfeldt awarded for best oral presentation

Doctoral student Jennifer Härdfeldt (with Sara Straniero Main Supervisor) was awarded Best oral presentation for "Transvascular interstitial fluid-to-serum ratios of lipoproteins in cardiovascular health and disease" at the European Lipoprotein Club conference in Tutzing recently.



Grand Round seminar series

The popular Grand Round seminar series at MedH is back this fall with interesting presentations on a variety of themes covering Cardiology, Hematology, Liver/pankreas, Infection and much more!

Every Wednesday at 12.05–12.55 at Karolinska University Hospital, Huddinge (C1:87).


New Deputy Director of doctoral studies

Johanna Ungerstedt, is new Deputy director of doctoral education at MedH. She is replacing Professor Mats Jensen Urstad who is retiring. There will be a symposium in Neo to celebrate Mats' contribution to KI on September 29. You find more information about this in the KI calendar (in Swedish).



KI has new graphic profile

KI:s visual identity is being updated. Work is underway to develop KI:s visual identity, with the aim of clarifying and better meeting the legal requirements for accessibility and to work better in a digital context.

KI:s logo will be adapted for digital channels, the colour palette will be altered and expanded, and a new single typeface will replace the current ones.



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