International Day of Democracy - 15 September

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Let's celebrate the power
of local democracy

Johan Lilja, Secretary General for ICLD

As we celebrate the International Day of Democracy on 15 September, it's crucial to highlight the importance of local democracy within the wider democratic framework. Local democracy is the bedrock of a vibrant democratic society, enabling citizens to participate directly in shaping policies and services at the community level. It promotes inclusiveness, transparency and accountability of local authorities and fosters a deeper sense of civic engagement and ownership of the democratic process.

Recognising and valuing the role of local democracy is essential to upholding the principles of democracy nationally and globally. Municipal partnerships are an excellent way to strengthen local democracy by sharing ideas and good practice between communities. These partnerships ultimately improve the democratic experience for everyone. On this special day, let's celebrate the power of local democracy and the value of these partnerships!

Johan Lilja, Secretary General ICLD

The partnership Stockholm – Jinja
increases Children’s Participation and Rights in Healthcare

Helena Hildewall together with Dorothy Akongo, who coordinates the projects for Busoga Health Forum.

The Stockholm Region, Sweden, through Astrid Lindgren Children’s Hospital, collaborates with Jinja City Council in Uganda in a municipal partnership on the theme of Equal Health with a focus on children and their rights.

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Successful completion of ICLD and UNCDF’s programme

Photo of the participants of the last cohort of the programme. Photo: Ida Edvinsson

The final workshops in mid-June marked the successful completion of ICLD and UNCDF’s programme “Public Financial Management and Local Economic Development”, also called “Finance”.
The programme has been a joint venture for 12 years (8 cohorts) between ICLD and UN Capital Development Fund.

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Call for national mentors in Guatemala & Colombia

Photo of a women in a demonstration in Colombia

ICLD is making a call for national mentors in Colombia and Guatemala, for ICLD’s network for gender equality. Deadline for the applications is 20 October 2023. 

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Apply for ICLD Field Work Grants

Photos of  last years awardees in front of Lunds University in Sweden.

Are you a masterstudent writing your thesis on a topic like gender equality, climate change or youth inclusion? Are you also interested in the role of local democratic institutions in global issues? Then apply for our field work grant! The application closes 23 October.

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Networking Human Rights Champions

Mayors of the municipalities Amasra in Turkey and Kopychyntsi in Ukraine.

The teams in ICLD International Training Programme “Human Rights-Based Approach” are not just change agents for democracy an human rights. They are also incredible networking champions!


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Meet John - ICLD Mentor and Champion of Local Democracy

John Gitonga at Visby office 2022

John Gitonga is an extraordinary individual with a captivating journey to the world of local democracy. From his successful corporate career to his academic achievements in Development Studies and engagement with UN programmes, John’s diverse experiences have molded him into a genuine champion of local democracy.

He is an ICLD mentor and here we present him in our series Champions of local democracy.

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ICLD Champions of Local Democracy

Gender or status does not matter, the important thing is that the person we are looking for has democratic values to live and inspire others. They may have gotten through difficult situations – but never backed down from the front lines of democracy, and they all have a personal story to tell. They have also been or are involved in ICLD's programmes. We present them in our series “Champions of Local Democracy”. Get inspired!

To all Champions of Local Democracy

Online Course: Human Rights Budgeting


This two-week digital training will introduce you to the concept of human rights budgeting and why human rights standards and approaches are helpful for local budgeting processes.

It will also look into the relationship between human rights and corruption, and how transparency and counter corruption measures can support the respect, protection and fulfillment of human rights in your municipality or region.

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New publications:

Women’s political representation and effective participation in Ngara, Tanzania - research report
Morality policies and the prospect for inclusive citizenship in decentralized Indonesia- reserach report
Community Scorecard: Promoting Participation and Accountability in Local Government using the ABCD approach - policy brief

Masterthesis from ICLD fieldwork grantees 2023

Explore ICLD’s learning tools such as videos, cases, toolboxes and handbooks. Thanks to the support of the Swedish International Cooperation Agency SIDA, all material is free to teach with, download, or make copies of. To ICLD educational material.

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