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#4 2022
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A few words from the Head of Department

Dear LIME colleagues,

This year has been special. With general measures lifted and more people being vaccinated we are in a new phase after the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic. As we all know, there are other severe challenges for the global society. The world economy is unstable with consequences for all countries. The main contributing factor is the Russian war against Ukraine with a humanitarian disaster as one consequence.

KI as a university and many scientists have several links to Ukrainian colleagues and institutions to support the needs in many ways. In this context I wish to welcome the two Ukrainian psychologists Oksana Gramatik and Yuliia Suprun that work in the Cultural Medicine unit (Solvig Ekblad). They will be with us at LIME part-time at least until September next year. Feel free to have a coffee with them on a Tuesday!

On another note, the LIME 20 years celebrations continue into the spring of 2023. To date we have had events organized by four groups; HIC, Prevention-Policy & Practice (PPP), the Health economy groups and PROCOME (MMC).

In these sessions presentations have been held by both senior scientists and PhD students in a creative way followed by valuable discussions. I believe that such occasions provide an important space for dialogue, enhanced understanding and possible collaborations. I certainly have learnt a lot! I hope that more groups will take the chance to share and contribute to the celebration and general dialogue! See below for planned upcoming events.

There will be a new “Tour de Prefekt” starting in March 2023. I shall visit each division, group and team at LIME spread over eighteen months. I look forward to these meetings, to learn more about your activities and present situation!

I hope you all have noticed our attempt to address the language barriers at LIME. They are meant to be a guide so we all can be professional and friendly colleagues!

Welcome to LIME Days! Like we did last spring, we plan to have a joint LIME Days event next semester. The indicative dates are May 9-10th. Please let us know if these dates clash with some other major event that cannot be rescheduled – send an e-mail to

On the Saint Lucia day December 13th, the Medical Student Union choir A scalpella will brighten our Lucia-morning in the entrance of Widerströmska. After the “Lucia-tåg” there will be coffee and “lussekatter”, for all the Master students in the entrance, and for us at LIME in our kitchen. All are very welcome! I hope to see you there!

Yours, Carl Johan

Carl Johan Sundberg
Head of the Department


We welcome new employees and say welcome back to returning employees!

Maja Fjaestad, affiliated. Maja participated during LIME day 22/11!

Welcome back Lena Björk who will return to the LIME Educational Committee to take over the task of co-ordinator on December 19. Liisa Olsson will return to programme and course administration at UBE but will be Lena’s back-up.

Alexandra Berg, project coordinator, NASP (2022-09-29)

Rikard Lövström, specialist, HIC (2022-10-01)

Maxine Harjani, research assistant, MINT / HIC (2022-11-01)

Kamil Szymanski, research assistant, MMC, PROCOME (2022-11-30)

Charli Eriksson, senior research specialist, NASP (2022-12-01)

Ulrika Lögdberg, project coordinator, NASP (2022-12-13)

Charlotte Rossland, assistant to head of department at LIME (2023-01-01)

Karen O’Quin, project coordinator, NASP (2023-01-09)

Emma Eliasson, post doc, NASP (2023-01-09)


Grattis, Onnittelut, Herzliche Glückwünsche, Gratulacje, Συγχαρητήρια

Per Palmgren who has been selected to join the KI Pedagogical Academy. The academy consists of teachers who demonstrate skills above and beyond those seen in ordinary teaching and learning at Karolinska Institutet. Their pedagogical efforts have been recognized as particularly important to promoting high quality education.

Henna Hasson who has been appointed Adjunct Professor for another four years from December 1st.

Nadia Davoody and Per Palmgren who both have been appointed Assistant Senior Lecturers from October.

Myat Sandi Min, student at the Master's Programme in Health Economics, Policy and Management, who won the 2021/2022 scholarship with her master thesis "Cost-effectiveness of Birth Dose Vaccination Strategies in Preventing Mother to Child Transmission of Viral Hepatitis B in Myanmar: Modelling Study"

Terese Stenfors, co applicant on receiving 21 M SEK from the Swedish Research Council to finance a new research school for teachers in healthcare education together with SU and Linköping university. News article in Swedish.


A mix of LIME internal news and important news from KI.


As a support to all of us at LIME when and where to use Swedish or English, we have compiled some suggestions. Basically: If there is someone in the room who does not master Swedish well enough, then English is the obvious choice. The supplementary LIME rules apply until the expected KI central language policy is delivered in next year.

(link above to Swedish Staff portal with rules in both Swedish and English)


As the year draws to an end, we still have a few events left in our LIME 20 years Celebration Series, and the invitation will be emailed through Outlook.


Do you want to be LIME's new Health promoter where you inspire and take initiatives to promote activities and health in the workplace? The health ambassador also acts as contact to the health promotion group at KI. Contact Charlotte Rossland if you´re interested. (Your research group / unit will be compensated for time spent.)


Are you interested to become a LIME work environment representative? Contact HR.


Are you on Facebook? Join the LIME Unofficial group to share informal information.


Parking permissions for 2023 can be picked up outside of Carl Johans room at LIME.


You will find these events (and more) in the LIME calendar.

2022-12-07 LIME QLIC number 4, 15.00-15.25

2022-12-08 LIME master students Christmas mingle

2022-12-13 Lucia in the Widerström building

2022-12-14 Half time Sophia Appelbom

2022-12-15 MINT research seminar with presentations about findings, 13.00-16.00

2022-12-15 MMC, LIME 20 years celebration series, 13.30-14.45


2023-01-19 CHE, LIME 20 years celebration series

2023-02-14 Medicinens historia och kulturarv, LIME 20 years celebration series

2023-03-08 HIC, LIME 20 years celebration series

2023-04-13 Cultural Medicine, LIME 20 years celebration series

2023-05-09 to 10 LIME days, please let know asap if these dates clash with some other major event (deadline 2022-12-31)

2023-03-08 Supervisor forum @ LIME


News from the overall administration, financial unit, HR, communications and web.


If you want the above it via e-mail, just let know.



New salaries for members of SACO along with unorganized personnel will be paid out in December retrospectively from October 1st. There will be negotiations centrally for OFR and hopefully new salaries can be paid out in January.

Employed PhD-students will receive new salaries in December retrospectively from November 1st.


HR visited Chefsforum in November to present a checklist for Managers regarding onboarding new employees.



Please contact if you´d like a workshop for your group regarding your web site, profile pages, communication channels, making your own news & calendar events etc.

Changes online

Since the altered KI profile some of LIME's pages have been changed to look more welcoming: Go take a look!

Communicate better

Do you know that people like to get appreciation in different ways? Talk about it and let you co-workers know how you like it.


Monitor in the small kitchen

On this monitor a lot of different information appears. Due to its location it´s perfect for shorter messages, reminders, dissertations etc. Do you want to share something? Let know.

Humle & Dumle

Who are Humle and Dumle? Apart from being bizarre childrens entertainment they are also related to the loudspeakers / cameras in our smaller conference rooms. Book & collect them in room 4309 (on the bookshelf to the left).


LIME Education web pages (link).


Doctoral education board

The board for doctoral education at LIME has a partially new composition, as we have two new doctoral student representatives and former doctoral student representative Therese Scott Duncan finishes her assignment. Veronica-Aurelia Costea and Emma Hedberg Rundgren are the new doctoral student representatives.

Supervisor forum

SAVE THE DATE: Welcome to the fifth Supervisor forum @ LIME!

8 March 2023 on Zoom, 10.00-11.00 This forum is intended for everyone who supervises, has supervised, or wants to supervise doctoral students at the department.

If you have any topics you would like us to address at this forum, or at later forums, or if you have any questions – please contact Ingrid Smedberg.

From Master to PhD

On November 24, a lunch seminar “From Master to PhD” was arranged by doctoral education administration at LIME, for international master's students at KI. There was great interest in listening to what director of studies Per Palmgren, deputy director of studies Stefano Bonacina, doctoral education administrator Ingrid Smedberg and doctoral student Sophia Appelbom had to say about how the path from Master to PhD works at LIME and at KI. Free sandwiches and drinks perhaps contributed to the interest, but many lingered with questions after the briefing, so the seminar seems to have been appreciated.

Per Palmgren, Ingrid Smedberg, Stefano Bonacina, Sophia Appelbom. Photo by Malin Sandell


Student news letter

The LIME student newsletter is now on its fourth edition and according to the statistics it´s popular amongst our students - approx 75% read it!


Specific news submitted from all of LIME's centres/divisions & units/research groups.


Danuta Wasserman gave the opening keynote lecture at the 9th World Congress on Women’s Mental Health the 6th of November in Maastricht. Her keynote lecture was titled "Suicide can be prevented: gender specificity with focus on women’s mental health".

The organizers described in a letter how Wasserman’s lecture “gave insights into the gender paradox in suicide and the interplay between environmental and genetic factors. It also opened up an interesting discussion on the role of immigration, spirituality and the use of social media in suicide prevention. The session concluded with perspectives on IPV and how stringent state/legislative policies can contribute reducing prevalence of suicide in women facing IPV”.


Per Palmgren has recently been appointed by the Committee for Higher Education as a new member of KI Pedagogical Academy. Karolinska Institutet's Pedagogical Academy consists of teachers who have shown extraordinary skill in teaching and learning at Karolinska Institutet. Their pedagogical efforts have been assessed as particularly important for promoting good educational quality. The overall aim of the pedagogical academy is to stimulate pedagogical development work and commitment to teaching and educational issues by recognizing teachers who have demonstrated pedagogical excellence. The announcement and assessment process are led by the chairperson of the academy, Sari Ponzer, on behalf of the Committee for Higher Education.


Timely, given last week’s Tobacco free week Tanja Tomson et al. is publishing a cRCT ”Motivation 2 Quit (M2Q): A cluster randomized controlled trial evaluating the effectiveness of Tobacco Cessation on Prescription (TCP) in Swedish primary healthcare” in PloS ONE.

The study is conducted at health centres in socioeconomically disadvantaged areas in Stockholm. The intervention consisted of TCP compared to standard treatment. Results showed that there was a statistically significant effect of TCP compared to standard treatment for the outcomes 7-day abstinence at 6 months (OR adjusted 5.4, 95% CI 1.57 to 18.93) and 3-month continued abstinence at 6 (OR adjusted 6.4, 95% CI 1.30 to 31.27) and 12 months follow-up (OR adjusted 7.8, 95% CI 1.25 to 48.82). TCP may be effective in achieving abstinence from tobacco use compared to standard treatment in the given setting. Further research is recommended to confirm findings.

Conclusions: “TCP may be effective in achieving abstinence from tobacco use compared to standard treatment in the given setting but due to several limitations, resulting in high attrition rates and a low statistical power in the study, more research is needed to evaluate this.”


Solvig Ekblad is expert in ”Ukrainare i Härnösand”, ESF funding, Invandrarindex is in charge of the project. Ekblad is supervising two Ukrainian psychologists Oksana Gramatik and Yuiila Suprun, we will perform “Hälsoskolan”, October 15 2022- September 2023.

Solvig Ekblad will continue in the beginning of next year to coordinate Hälsoskolan to foreignborn students at The Red Cross Folk High School in Skärholmen


Original article: Tran, C., Toth-Pal. E., Ekblad, S., Fors, U., Salminen, H. Medical students’ learning about other professions using an interprofessional virtual patient while remotely connected with their study group” (#38599) has been accepted nov 2, 2022 for publication in JMIR Medical Education (

Book and bookchapters: Ekblad, S. Hälsoskola -hälsofrämjande utbildning för nyanlända. (sidor 335-352). Ekblad, S., Rothlind, E. (red) Hälsa och mångfald – ett kliniskt perspektiv. Liber 2022

Ekblad, S. Ett transkulturellt perspektiv på skadligt bruk och beroende (sidor 63-75). Frank, J., Nylander, I. (red) Beroendemedicin, 3:e upplagan. Lund: Studentlitteratur, 2022

Ekblad, S., Rothlind, E. (red) Hälsa och mångfald – ett kliniskt perspektiv. Stockholm: Liber 2022 (finns nu i lager att beställa)

Report: Charlotte Oja has after her dissertation worked with Nationellt kompetenscentrum anhöriga (National competence center relatives). On their homepage there is a recent report and webinarium:

Popular science: Ekblad, S., Kristiansson, M. Kunskap om psykiskt våld måste öka hos vårdlärare. Dagens medicin 19 oktober 2022.


The project ReHIn (Refugees' Health Integration) has been completed and Klas Karlgren and Natalia Stathakarou hosted a succesful dissemination event at KI in November with many interesting and exciting participants. ReHIn also launced a MOOC, see picture below!

Another project that has also been completed is Cepeh (Chatbots Enhance Personalised European Healthvare Curricula) which was dissminated with an event on Cyprys, also in the presence of Klas and Natalia.


Illustrations from Pixabay and Marie Lind. ReHIn graphics by Maxine Harjani . 2022-12-07

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