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Newsletter from EfD

November 2021


Dear friend of Environment for Development,

A heartfelt thanks to all of you who attended EfD's Annual Meeting and made it a positive and constructive event!
In this newsletter, you will meet our Research Manager Franklin Amuakwa-Mensah, who summarizes his thoughts from the meeting. You can also read about the award winners and listen to the keynote presentations.

Read also the insightful report from the COP26, from the head of the University of Gothenburg's COP26 Observer Delegation, Åsa Löfgren, on free-riders, and the interview with Anthony Leiman who explains the importance of helping the Global South reach the climate goals.
The participants in the Inclusive Green Economy program in East Africa will meet for the first time and have cross-country peer-learning sessions in Uganda.
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EfD’s Annual Meeting showcased great research and strong collaborations

Franklin Amuakwa-Mensah

Franklin Amuakwa-Mensah, EfD’s Research Manager. Photo: EfD

For the second time, EfD’s Annual Meeting was an online event, due to the pandemic. This year the last day was dedicated to the collaboration with IDRC, on the setting of a research agenda for a low carbon transition. There was also more focus on the collaborative programs. Read the interview with Research Manager Franklin Amuakwa-Mensah on the Annual Meeting!

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Paper on fisheries management received the Peter Berck’s Award.

Queen Conch

Queen Conch. Photo by John Martin Davis, Wikimedia.

A team from the Blue Resources for Development collaborative won Peter Berck‘s Best Discussion Paper Award.The winners are EfD researchers Jorge Marco Renau, Diego Valderrama, Mario Rueda, and Ph.D. student Maykol Rodriguez-Prieto. Their paper, titled Improving utilization of the queen conch resource in the Colombian Caribbean, shows that a rotational harvesting scheme yields better results than the current methods. They also discuss policy implications.
Read the interview with one of the authors and their award-winning paper!

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Julia Tatham won the Gunnar Köhlin's Best Master Thesis Award

Julia Tatham

Julia Tatham. Photo: Private.

The Gunnar Köhlin’s Best Master’s Thesis Award 2021 goes to Julia Tatham. Her interest in energy poverty and the impact of indoor air pollution on people’s health awoke already in her early teens. Meet this accomplished awardwinner, learn about her plans and check out her master's thesis!

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Check out the key note presentations!

Link to videos

Alexandre Antonelli, Elizabeth Robinson, and Yonas Alem were the keynote speakers at EfD's Annual Meeting. If you missed them, or want to see their great presentations again - you'll find them on our website - check them out!

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Finance Day at COP26 - can we trust free-riders to cooperate?

Negotiation room at COP26. Photo: Åsa Löfgren.

EfD researcher Åsa Löfgren participated at the COP26. Read her insightful report from the Finance Day - one of the most crucial events!

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“The end of coal”, what will that mean for South Africa?

Coal power station. Photo: Benita Welter, Pixabay.

This month saw the conclusion of COP26 where over 200 countries gathered to discuss climate change and national climate change plans. A key outcome for South Africa was the UK, USA, and EU nations' agreement to support South Africa’s transition away from coal. Hear EfD associate, Anthony Leiman, explain what the "Just Transition’" deal means for South Africa!

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Government civil servants meet for peer learning on inclusive green economy

Emelie César and Anders planning for the meeting in Uganda. Photo: EfD

The Inclusive Green Economy program has now been up and running for about a year. On November 23-25 most of the 26 participants, civil servants from five East African countries, meet in person for the first time. They will discuss each country’s green economy policies and take peer learning to a new level.

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Climate change affects school performance in tropical developing countries

Rainy day

Photo: Daniela Linares.

Weather conditions affect school results and should be considered when designing and targeting public policies, according to the preliminary research results of an EfD study. Read more about this interesting study and see the film!

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EfD Ghana outlines pathways for sustaining protected forests

Workshop participants

Workshop participants. Photo: EfD

ENRRI-EfD Ghana hosted a workshop on the topic Sustaining protected forests in Ghana for forestry and environment stakeholders. The aim was to share and discuss the findings of a recent study on the depletion of protected forests in Ghana. Learn more about these interesting discussions and check out what media reported!

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Several urgent topics discussed in NENRE-EfD Chile’s annual meeting

Participants in Chile's annual meeting

Participants at the meeting. Photo: EfD.

Different stakeholders discussed cutting-edge research on topics such as climate change, aquaculture, mining, waste, water, and energy in the Seventh Annual Meeting of NENRE EfD-Chile on October 14 and 15. Read more about these discussions!

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Government officials learned about the importance of forests and biodiversity

Participants at meeting

Participants posing after the opening session at White Horse Inn in Kabale. Photo: EfD

Over 50 officials from the Kabale district government were made aware of the need to protect the environment for sustainable livelihoods and future generations. This happened in a policy dialogue: Forestry and Biodiversity: Addressing the challenges of Forest Degradation and enhancing Environment Management in Uganda.

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Call for proposals SBCA 2022 Conference

The Society for Benefit-Cost Analysis is now accepting proposals for the 2022 conference and professional development workshops. The conference will be held online in March; the workshops will be held online throughout the year.
Deadline for abstracts and workshop proposals is December 4, 2021.

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3-6 positions in Ph.D. Program in Economics

The Department of Economics at the University of Gothenburg announces 3-6 positions in the Ph.D. program in Economics, financed by employment on a regular and fully financed Swedish Ph.D. position (“doktorandtjänst”), with the starting date of September 1, 2022.

Application deadline February 1, 2022

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Professorship (W2) for Climate Change and Development at RWl's policy lab Climate Change, Development and Migration

The Faculty of Economics at Ruhr-Universität Bochum (RUB) is offering a tenured position as associate professor (W2) for "Climate Change and Development" in a joint appointment with RWI - Leibniz Institute for Economic Research (according to the "Jülicher Modell"), implying the status of a civil servant, while being an active member of RWl's Economic Policy Lab "Climate Change, Development and Migration".
Application deadline: December 9th.

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Professorship (W2) for Migration and Development at RWl's policy lab Climate Change, Development and Migration

The Faculty of Economics at Ruhr-Universität Bochum (RUB) is offering a tenured position as associate professor (W2) for "Migration and Development" in a joint appointment with RWI - Leibniz Institute for Economic Research (according to the "Jülicher Modell"), implying the status of a civil servant while being an active member of RWl's Economic Policy Lab "Climate Change, Development and Migration".

Application deadline: December 9th..

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Postdoctoral fellowship, University of Cape Town

The Policy Research in International Services and Manufacturing (PRISM), a research and policy unit located within the School of Economics in the Faculty of Commerce, is seeking to appoint a Postdoctoral Research Fellow (PDF).

Closing date: Noon November 30, 2021

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More news from EfD

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